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Walter Barnes is quite ill. The gardens in Milan have a chili. Miss Fannie Marwilsky has a new bicycle. Mrs. James Gauntlett, sr., is seriously ill. E. C. Hinkley visited Detroit, Monday. Mrs M. House is visiting friends at Mooreville. Mrs. M. Barnes was a Detroit visitor, Thursday. T. T. Lacy has returned from New York City. Mrs. I. Svvindt has returned from her visiting tour. House cleaning in a light form has strack Milan. Mr. Lew Blinn, of Toledo, visited Milafriends, Monday. Mrs. Lucy Clark made a business trip to Detroit, Saturday. The Presbyterian fair will soon arrive in progressive Milan. Rev. C. B. Case, of Stony Creek, gave Milan a cali, Monday. Chas. W'oolcott, who has been very ill, is now convalescent. Mrs. S. Firman has returned to Milan from his western tour. Mrs. Carrie Kelsey returned from her Jackson sojourn Tuesday. Mrs. Wm. Whitmarsh visited Detroit and Ann Arbor last week. Mr. S. Dean, of Ann Arbor, gave -Milán a business cali, Saturday. NV[r. E. H. Reynolds and family aroving to Detroit4 this week. Mrnd Mrs. J. Cook lost a daughteith diphtheria, Friday. ere arXfive cases of diptheria and two of sèyiet fever in Milan. Mrs. T. Blaèw,. and son will visit tnends in C,nna next week. Dr. and Mrs. Chai;n entertained a few friends at tea, jday afternoon. D. Knight, of California, „as the guest of his parents a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Fuller en. tertained a small company Tuesday evening. Editor E. Hawkins and family, of Eaton Rapids, were Milan visitors last week. Dr. and Mrs. Harper are moving into Mr. E. A. Reynolds' house on First street. Mrs. Bert Brown, of Hudson, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. f. Zimmerman. Mr. C. T. Bateman, of Toledo, will return to his Müan painting class in May. Mrs. A. Waterman, of Ann Arbor, visited Milan relatives, Friday and Saturday: Mr. and Mrs. Eldredge have moved into the Marble cottage on County street. Mrs. Lynn and son have moved into Mrs. Van Buren's rooms on East Main street. Mr. Otto Bennet, of Ann Arbor, is in Milan this week, painting his house on Hurd street. Miss Ada VonWormer, who was thrown from a carriage last Monday and suffered a dislocation of the shoulder, is doing nicely at present. Miss Anna and Nellie Delaforce, of the Ypsilanti Normal, are visiting their parents in Milan. Prof. R. Place is waiting for the ic)th of April to arrive so that he can take a high wire stroll. The Baptist young people will give a musicale at the residence of Mrs. Geo. Mintow, May 5. Prof. R. H. Conert, of the Detroit School of Elocution, will give an entertainment in Milan May 3ist. Miss Grace Hiintington, of Plymouth, was here during last week attending her painting and music classes. C. L. Simmons, of New York, and Mrs. L. C. Goodrich and son, of Ann Arbor, were the guests of G. R. Williams, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is a flourishing W. C. T. U. in Milan, and several of the ladies are talking of attending the W. C. T. U. convention to be held at Dundee the 26th and 2 7tli .


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