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T"ï Bogus white lead tSOfTiii would have no J"V-Ö "-0 sale did it not afford makers a larger profit than Strictly Pure White Lead. The wise man is never persuaded to buy paint that is said to be "just as good " or " better " than Strictly Pure White Lead The market is flooded with spurious white leads. The following analyses, made by eminent chemists, of two of these misleading brands show the exact proportion of germine white lead they contain : Mieleading Brand "Standard Lead Co. Strictly Pure White Lead. St. Louis." MaterialB FroportioDa Anaiyzed by Barytes 59.36 per cent. Regie Cbanvenet Oiide of Zinc 84.18 per cent. & Bro., White Lead G.4HS per cent. St. Louis. Less than 7 per cent. white lead. Misleading Brand " Pacific Warranted Pure [A] White Lead." MaterialB Proportions Anaiyzed by Sulphate of Lead 4.18 per cent. Ledoux & Co.f Oxide of Zinc 45.04 per cent. New York. Barytes 50.68 per cent. Ño white lead in it. You can avoid bogus lead by purchasing any of the following brands. They are manufactured by the " Old Dutch" process, and are the standards: "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Peyvner-Bauman" "Eckstein" "] anestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" For sale by the most reliable dealers in paints everywhere. If you are going to paint, it win pay you to send to us for a book containing information that may save you many a dollar; it will only cost you a postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Broadway, New York. Chicago Branch, State and Fifteenth Streets. "The Pace That Kills" is overwork - makes no difference what kind. Using greasy and inferior soaps is one road to premature decay - sore hands - sore hearts - clothes never clean. Not so when KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wash-day with health and long life assured. Hands all right - hearts light- clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. S. K1RK & CO., Chicago. Husky Diamond Tar Soap. Mak.o'dtIS,s.SE.8oft Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Street Railway. Time table taking effect October 1, 1S93.Leave Ann Arbnr trom Cnurt Hrru$e ut 7.20, 9 20. 10.50 a. ru., aDd J.uO, 2.50, 4 20, E.50, 7.20, 8.50, 10.50 p. tu. Leave Ypsfhinti at 7.00,9.00,10.30, a. m. and 12.40, 2.30, 4.00. 5.30, 7. CO, 8.30, 10.30 p. m. 8DNDAY TIME TABLK. Leave Ann Arhor from Court Hoiiíj at 2.20, 3.50, 5.20, 6.50, S.20. 9.50, p. m. Leave Ypxilanti at 2.00, 3.30, 5 00, 6.3!. S.00, 9.30, p. m. dan run on (Xty Timr., iwcnty-eiyht m faster than Standard Tirar. Coupon tiekeis, 15 cents. For snle by eonductoi-s. CHEAP HOMES. A t% É% A tf% Acres of the best 0 E Ú III il Fartning; Landa in L. ïJIJII Central Michigan sa P 5 0 90 for sa[e on e;lSy terms and long time by OF MT. PLEASANT, IVIlCHlGAN, BDHHBHBHHSHHB ie quilting party and the S B stae ooiioh are playedH A AUN T KIAnËl""t. The te!phone iiml gH ülM InftlJCBDavls Family Quilting B ■■ m iimbim Hiït'hine are modern nerft i ■■■!■■■■■■■■ J!r cïüne "' a new :lnd .valuEKsBSSXmhSSBSBBDBI ble attíxcbmt nt tor al! sewtng machines. Oïc laüy (notöor í)) can matee a quiltin Shours; alsqquilt children's clüüVts; dressQnlngB etc. Scrul O.OO and I will sond yoit a macóme ty íirst express. Apents want-ed evoryF.r eirculars aii'l full informatioa artdresá ■ -■: T. DAA'IS, Olí W. Randolph Lt., Chicago ■ EEP0ET OF TEE 001ÏDITI0N O F THE BES' ï ÜE LUI - AT- A.NS ARBOK, MICHIGAN. Ai the close of business, DecemK-t 9, Wl KESOL'KClis. Loans and discounu $31 ■: ;. Scucks. lionas añil Mortgsges, etc. ... 117JB11 ii, Overdrafia. 6,128 i Dne from bank in ressrve cirica 38,996 l 1 i)ue froia other baBks and baokers llliu 11 Due from Wühu-iinw Vo 31,59909 Furuitare aud üxiures ;,ii 0 i Curit-nt expendes Mi J iais paid 2.3M 03 Inteiest paid 4,747 13 Checks and cash items 1,571 71 Nickels nd pennies... 242! 3oliCOi71 8ilvtr coin 1,971 ir, Ü.S.andNatiouAl lluuk Not' 9,599 U0 Total .6t7,S34S9 LÏAHILITIES. I stock paid in _ $ .'■O.OWKO Saiplusfuuá 1 ided proüts 21 tnaivichial ddptosits - lJt".,sl ' , rail 2B3 Savins deposita _ 76,';54 14 Total - _537,324 9H STATE OF MICHIGAN, Couiity of WnBhtenaw, "" I, Frederick H. Beber, pashiei of ilie ibove namèd bHnk,do Èolemnly swear that the above statement is true 10 the best ot' my knowiettge and beiitf. F. H. BelsER, Oaahier, Subscribed and sworn to btforc methis Ulh day of December, 192. H. A. Williams, Notaiy Public Correct- Attest . Chas. E. Cíhkene, ) Amukosf. KEAKET, ■ Dijeetors. VVm. V. Steveks, )


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