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Dexter Township

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Mr. Leech, of Chelsea, was here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Eagan were in Chelsea Monday. Mrs. L. Boyden spent Sunday with relatives here. A Warren spent Sunday with friends in Ypsilanti. Mr. S. Cook made a business trip to Pinckney Monday. Mr. Pidd is spending a few days Ypsilanti and vicinity. James Henry, of Pettysvillevisited friends there Monday. Miss B. Spooner has feeën in Detroit the past few days. John Mcintee spent Sunday with his parents in Pinckney. Mr. Chapman and family have moved back to Pinckney. L. James and F. Sleator were at the lakes one day last week. R. Henderson, of Silver Lake, spent Sunday with his mother. A company of Ann Arborites have been at the lakes the past week. It is said the postoffice at Birkett is soon to be moved to Hudson. Dan Stofoot, of Chubbs' Corners was here one day last week. J. L. Smith, of Scio, shook hands with Dexter friends on Monday. Clarence Carpenter is making great improvements on his farm. Chas. Lawton, of Ypsilanti, is visiting his parents for a few days. Will Curlett is making preparations to open a store in Pinckney. Wm. Darrow, of Pinckney, spent Monday with friends at this place. Wm. Gregory has been making extensive improvements on hisplace. Mrs. D. Quish has been entertaining her mother from Grand Rapids. B. McCaulay and family have gone to their new home near Byron. Byron Hopkins was with his many friends in Chelsea one day last week. J. Cadwell, of Pinckney, made us a short calí last Tuesday mornng. Wirt Carpenter ahd sister were with friends in Pinckney last Suniay. Mrs. Sears and lady friend spent Wednesday with friends in Pinckney. Mrs. Geo. Boyden entertained :riends several days of the past week'. Mrs. John Pratt, sr., entertained ' tier sister, Mrs. A. Cushing, last Friday. , D. Stanton spent the last of the week with friends in Chelsea and vicinity. Miss Fannie Smith, of Ánn Arbor, spent the last of the week with her sister. Mr. Chas. Andrews and children, of Ann Arbor, have been visiting her parents. Mrs. Belle Rodman entertained her friend from Ann Afbor the last of the week. Miss Ellen Taylor is dangerously ill at this writing, with no hopes of her recovery. Miss Nettie Mowers, of Portage Point, is staying with friends in Dexter village. Mr. and Mrs. A. Taylor and daughters were with Chelsea relatives Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, of Podunk, spent Sunday with her sister and family. Mrs. Wm. Sweetman entertained her daughter and family from Marion over Sunday. F. Murdock, of St. Johns, has srected a fine monument on the burial lot of G. Warner. Mr. and Mrs. T. Stanton had the pleasure of entertáining their daughter and family on Sunday. Mrs. T. French and Mrs. G. Marshall are entertáining th'eir sister and family from Caen, France. - It is reported that Mi. Birkett has purchased a lot in Dextervillage on which he will erect a fine house. C. Vanriper, of Fowlerville, was the guest of his father and other relatives the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. L. Chamberlain spent Sunday with Mrs. Chamberlain's father and brother at North Lake. The Dexter savings bank was opened for the transaction of business on Thursday, with H. W. Newkirk as cashier. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cobb and daughter, Miss Beatrice, of Stockbridge, spent several days of the past week with relatives. Died at her home, at North Lake, Apr. 19, 1893, Emma, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stcvenson, in the i9th year of her, age. The funeral services were held at the Congregational church, Saturday.


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