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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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I OFFICIAL."] Ofíjce of Board of Pullic "Works. Aun Árbor, April 19 Ui, 1 Si):;. Regular meeting. Koll ealletl. Present Mesara Keeeii and Mclntyre. Absent - M r . Sctuli . M.imutes of previou.s meeting read and iipproved. Street Comniássioncr Sutiosriaiid's moirttoy report was read and ordered ïHied. By Mr. Keech : ' Resolved, That the City Clerk is requested o furiiish the Street Gommissioner in their irpper order, all notices tliat have come to .his board from the Common Council for remilding of side walks and that the Street :ommissioner is instructed to take the proper ;teps in seeing that said wnlks are rebuilt vithout delay. Adopted as follows : Adopted as foUows : Yeas - Messrs. Keecli and Mcíntyre ■ Nays - Xone. City enig:iinecr repiorted and submitted memorandum for Btreet and sidewalk graüee 011 Brook gt.,, on Miner st. aaad on Gott st. On motiioQi oí Mr .Keetii tlie gradee wea'e accepted and ambmSftted to tlio coramoin coumoij. ior appa-oval. On motijloai of Mr. Keeclt, t.he clerk was dlifected to notiíy aíí tlue owners and Mib-rtividers of toUowilng addllioiis : Tappan Park, College Hill, Lawrence, Gott, Hall, Muller, nnd S.lnairer et Ivempf, to S'ubmit to this board a certilfyed copy of tlue respectjve porte of euch. subdiivisions for approval an-d to üiave tlis sanie on file ín the City Clerk's office. On niiotiiom ttne Board adjonrned. Clerk.


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