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The date of the Wilson lecture has not been fixed as yet, but will be announced in a few days. Those members of the Choral Union who go to Chicago in June will have two rehearsals a week trom now on. Mr. F. E. Bradfield has been appointed captain of the '96 track athletic team, in place of Mr. Freund, resigned. Several patients were sent from the school for the blind, at Lansing, last week, for operation in Dr. Carrow's clinic. A good many of the athletes manifested enough interest to keep up their practice, at the athletic field, during the vacation. A lecture on Alexander von Humboldt will be given at Unity Club next Monday evening, by Prof. S. F. Peckham, of Ann Arbor. W. G. Ewing and W. L. Wilson will address the democratie club next month. Mr. Ewing's subject will be, "What is loquence." Prof. Carhart read an interesting paper before the National Academy of Science, in Washington, last Friday, on certain electrical propositions. A committee of co-eds visited the legislature last week and urged the passage of the $20,000 appropriation for the co-ed annex. It is said the bachelor legislators were favorably impressed. Dr. Vaughan occupied his hour Wednesday raorningbeforethe sophomore and junior medical classes with a description of the expert testimony in the Buchanan murder trial, in which he took so important a part. During the past week several of the members of the faculty have been absent examining schools in this and other states. The list of schools visited, besides many in Michigan, includes Chicago, Cincinnati, Omaha, Des Moines, and others outside of the state. Next week two oil paintaings of Judge Campbell and Judge C. I. Walker will be placed in the law building besides the one of Judge Cooley. These three jurists composed the original law faculty of the University, and the alumni of classes that received instruction from them have secured these new pictures. Seventy-six U. of M. students have engaged with the Columbian Wheel Chair Co., and will spend the summer vacation at the Wold's Fair. This company employs 2,900 students and the U. of M., according to reports, ranks first among the universities of the country in the number of students on the rolls of the company. The May and June issues of the Inlander promise to be of more than usual interest to students of the University. The editors announce for these months two undergraduate numbers, the first of which will be made up entirely of articles contributed by the yöung women, while the second will consist of contributions from the youngmen. The Oratorio of St. Paul was rendered in Detroit. Monday night of this week. This is one of the same works which is being studied by the Choral Union, for future rendition. Prof. Stanley has been director of the Detroit Musical Society for three years past, but laid down the baton, Monday night, on account of his increased duties as director of the Conservatory of Music in this city. The U. of M. Glee and Banjo clubs have returned from a most successful trip, after having traveled 2,087 miles and giving ten concerts in ten days. Everywhere the boys went there were banquets and receptions given in their honor by Michigan alumni, and the papers of the cities where concerts were given were unusually lavish in their praise of the work done by the clubs, and the 'impression made upon the audiences. The first number of the University Record for '93 is ready for sale at the Steward's office. This number is very interesting, containing an account of the passing of the 1-6 mili tax and the consequent results. "University Extensión," "University Reform in Italy," "Courses of instruction given the First Semester at the U. of M. in '92-93," and articles on the University societies are subjects treated. Some twelve of the men who are training for the field and track team, remained here during vacation, and when the weather would permit spent their time at the athletic field. Most of the men are getting into goodtrim. Severalmen were working on it every fair day during vacation, and it will berolled almost daily now until in first-class shape. The dressing rooms have also been improved, and everything is ready for work. The manager was in Detroit during vacation, to make arrangements with the Michigan Athletic Association about sending Trainer Fitzpatrick out here twice or three times a week. The matter is not fully settled, but without doubt, Mr. Fitzpatrick will be seen on the field the latter part of the week.


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