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HIS AFFIDAV1T. It Will Make People Believj His Wonderful Storv. KUBSVKIBE1 O BV JiK O1 XEW YOltli'.s WOSÍ1 HiHtJSJXKX' Kerels til v7ji!e JKntter Kx'ctï.y tt Hiioenei. state or New ovk, ( County of Washington. ) " Lucien Rodd of Whitehall, N. Y., being by me duly sworn, deposes ancí saysthat some years ago he suft'ered very greatly with insomnia, nervous prostratioii and lus body was covered with sores, causing hirn great pain and annoyancp. That his head was so covered with sores that he was hardly aole to comb or even brush his hair, so great was the pain it occasioned. That he consulted the local physicians without successful resvilt; that he took quantities of medicine with no benefit whatever; that phys cians told him his disease was incurable and he had come to the saine conclusión hiniself and had made lip his mind to go to a hospital and await death, That j ust about this time he learned about Dr. Greene's Xervura blood and nerve remedy, which he began to use That this remedy entirely relieved and cured him.healed and dried up his sores, enabled him to sleep soundly and ciml'ortably, and restored him to his ordinary vigor and vitality, in short, made asouod and well manof hiniso that he was f ully able to work at his occupation, and has done so since that time. That he attributes his recovery to Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, as it restored him when everybody MR LUC1KX RODD. and everything else had failed and he ;iad been given over to go to the hospital and die. Mr Rodd makesthis statement yolantarily and cheerfully out of sincere gratitude for what the remedy has wrousrht for him. Lucien Rodd. Subscribed and sworn before me this 15th day of January, A. D., 1893, and I eertif y the afflant to be a eredible and reliable person whose statements may be accepted with confidence and iniplicitly relied upon, having known him personally for the last twenty-five years, and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, immediate or remóte in this matter. flon. William H. Tefft, f Notary Public in and for r - ) said County and State, re) seal r i sidingat Whitehall.where ) r-s ) I tns deposition was taken ( and executed. Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy is purely vegetable and is sold by druggists for $1.00. As is proven by the wonderful cure of Mr. Rodd it is the very best spring medicine possibleto take for the blood, nerves,,liver, kidneys, etc. lt is the discovery and prescription of Dr. Greene,of 35 W. 14th Street, New York, the most successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases. The doctor can be consulted free, personally or by letter.


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