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Mrs. John Weiss is building a residence on Fuller street. Dr. Martin is building two cottages on East Liberty street. C. J. Snyder wtll build a new house on Gott street this season. Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, orates on Decoration day at Brighton. The rain-fall in Ami Arbor during March this year was 2.10 inches. A fancy dress party will be given at Granger's Academy, next Thursday. The average rain-fall in the state for the week ending April 2-5 was 1.13 inches. A social for the English Lutheran ctaurch will be held at Fred Schairer's, this evening. D. J. Loomis is building a new house on the corner of State and Fuller street. The marriage of Henry Meuth and Miss Annie Howard, is announced for the near future. A convention of the boards of health of the state will be held in Aun Arbor in the near future. A series of evangelistic services will be held in this city, to be conducted by B. Fa y Mills. The minstrels of the Ann Arbor Light Infantry give a performance at the opera house, May 18. Frank Campion and Miss Emraa Braunmiller were married last evening by Kev. E. D. Kelly. Rev. A. 8. Carman lectures before the Inland League, Monday evening, on Some IHusionsof Vision. The annual report of the health ofüeer may be expected at Monday night's meeting of the couneil. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw has purchased the fine Lewis property on the corner of Division and Packard streets. Capt. Chas. II. Manly gives some reminiscences of Gettysburg at the meeting of Welen Post this evening. Miss Louise Rothweiler, missionary from Corea, will speak at the Germán M. E. chiuch, the evening of May 3rd. Rev. L. Allinger, presiding eider of the Michigan district, will preach at the German M. E. church, this evening. John R. Mi ner has purchased the brick house of John J. Robison, on North Main street, and two lots, for $2,000. The operetta, ''Trial by Jury," to be given by the Gesang Verein Lyra, at the opera house, May 10. will be worth seeing. Since August l, there have been 316,455 bushels of wheat marketed at iifteen elevators and milis in this county . The case against Marión Goodale for selling oil without a license has been adjourned until a week from Wednesday. Jacob Schweinfurth,the false Christ, of Rockford, 111., is visiting relatives near Chelsea, and is the observed of all observers. S. Draper, the owner of the opera house in Ypsilanti. recently destroyed by the cyclone, died in Detroit Saturday morning. Rev. C. Boeklin goes to the meeting of the Michigan District of the German M. E. Church, whieh begins its session May 2, at Detroit. Eev. Mr. Sunderland, who has been absent the past three Sundays, vvill be inhispulpit again next Sunday, preaching morning and evening. A lecture on Alexander von Ilumbolt will be given at Unity Club next Monday evening, by Prof. S. F. Peckham, of Aim Arbor. Kev. J. M. Gelston will preaeh in the First Presbyterian church, of Detroit next Sunday, in e.xchange with Rev Dr. Brownson, who tills his pulpit here Edward Warner has been sentencec to ninety days in the Detroit house of correction, by Justice Butts, for being disorderly, breakiug the stove anc furniture at his home when drank The temperance meeting next Sunday at 3:15 in I. O. G. T. hall will be addressed by O. R. L. Crozier. Subject: "Municipal Reform as we are to have it. The inspector of the board of health is inspecting the pig pens, and is pleased to find so few pigs in them, and reports that the pigs will all be disposed of in a few days. The Liberal Ministers' Instituto, held in the Unitarian church, last week, was so successful that a resolution was passed at the closing session to hold a similar meeting again next year. Louis C. Miller, a student, who rode his bicycle down the sidewalk to the post office, Monday, was surprised to find the marshal awaiting him when ie carne out of tht office. The ride cost him $1 fine and $2.70 costs. The marriage of Miss Josie Henion, formerly of this city, to Dr.Guy Kiefer, of Detroit, a graduate of the medical department, is announced for May 2, at the residence of Miss Henion 's uncle, C. C. Jenkins, in Toledo. Mr. Swinefurth, the father of the fireman killed on the Ann Arbor road, ast Friday morning, came over 1,300 miles, from Pueblo, Colorado, to get ;he body of bis son, which he took to ?ond du Lac, Wisconsin, for burial. Rev. A. Werner, of Edgerton, OUio, will hold quarterly meetings at the Jerman M. E. church, next Sunday. He will preach both morning and evening. The sacrement will be administered after the morning service. The mean temperature in Arm Arbor during March was 30 degrees. The coldest March day was March 4, whe n the thermometer went down to 6 degrees and the warmest day was March 23, when the thermometer was 57 degrees. Frank Joslyn, well-known in this county, was on Friday last appointed pólice justice of Muskegon. Mr. Josyn served Ypsilanti for a number of years as justiee and now has an oppor;unity to preside over the justice court n a town where business of that kind is nishing. Among the injured in a collision of a passenger train and a freight train on the Ann Arbor road, near Farwell, last Friday, was Mail Clerk Morton, of Chelsea, whó was slightly injured. The fireman on the passenger engine was seriously hiirt, and both engines were demolished. C. II. Major is engaged in decorating :he residence of James L. Babcock. The deeorations are to be very artistic, and are probably more pretentious than any thing of the kind previously attempted in Ann Arbor, and will give Mr. Babcock the finest decorated private residence in the state. Louis J. Lesimer has sold the Michigan Staats Zeitung to his foreman E. Baumann, who was with him for five years in this city. Mr. Baumann was formerly of Freedom. Mr. Lesimer purchased the Staats Zeitung largely for Mr. Baumann, and reports that it gives an excellent newspaper opening. At the annnal election of Ann Arbor Typographical Union, on Monday evening, the followiug officers were elected: President, KarlC. Kern; vice president, C. G. Cook; record ing and corresponding secretary, John. O. Jenkins; fmancial secretary, George R. Cooper; sergeant-at-arms, Albert Hinz. The U. S. Department of Agriculture in its bulletin for the week inding April 2-3 says: "In Washtenaw county, except in the extreme southern portion, the crops have made good growth. Wheat has improved; some rye is in line shape and oats and peas put in on high land are up. Grass is improving flnely and fruit buds have not been injured by late storms." George Nixon has purchased the saloon of Henry Frank. There are 86 cases on the docket for the May term of court, of which nine are criminal cases. The Hon. B. F. Thompson will open the topic for discussion at the Young People's Vespers, in St. Andrew's chapel on Sunday evening next, at 6:3O. M. J. Cavanaugh lias purehased the law library and office fixtures of W. L. Marquardt in Masonic Temple, and has removed bis law office to the rooms occupied by Mr. Marquardt. 'i i ie Ann Arbor Agricultural Company will bond for $2-5,000, take up its floating indebtedness, and increase its working capital. The company is turning out a very large amount of work. I The operetta, "Trial by Jury" and a concert will be given at the Grand Opera house, May 10, by the Lyra Choral Society under the direction of K. H. Kempf. Tickets are on sale at Watts' and Haller's jewelry stores. Admission 3-5 cents. Eeserved seats ■50 cents. The boards will be open May 1. The Odd Fellows were out in full force in full uniform at the Presbyterian church, last Sunday morning, and made a fine appearance. They had the pleasure of hearing the Rev. Mr. Gelston define, in an exhaustive manner, their motto: "Friendship, Love and Truth," which should be followed in all the walks of life. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Baptist Association will be held at the Baptist church in this city next Wednesday and Thursday. The annual sermón will be delivered by Rev. J. L. Cheney, of Ypsilanti, at ten o'clock Wednesday morning. Rev. D. D. McLaurine, of Detroit, delivers an address Wednesday evening. Inspector Clark, of the board of health, has received a number of vigorous complaints from boarding houses, that on occount of the owners of pigs not coming for swill, their swill barrels are overflowing. They argue that as the council has forbidden the keeping of pigs within the city limits, they should appoint a city scavenger to gather up the refuse. The Washtenaw Baptist Association meets this year with the First Baptist church of Ann Arbor, May 3 and 4. It begins at 10 a. m., Wednesday, May 3, with the annual sermón by Rev. J. L. Cheney, Ph. D., of Ypsilanti, At 3:30 p. m., the Women's Missionary Societies oecupy the program. Wednesday evening Rev. D. D. MacLawrin, pastor of the Woodward ave. Baptist church, of Detroit, will give an interesting address. Exercises of much interest will oecupy Thursday forenoon also. Rev. Dr. M. A. Brownson, of Detroit, gives a course of three lectures on the Constitution of the church, before the Tappan Presbyterian Association, Saturday and Sunday. The lecture Saturday evening, at 8 o'clock, in McMillan Hall, will be on "The Members of the Church." Sunday morning, at 10:30, in the Presbyterian church, he will preach on "The Mission of the Church." At 7:30 p. m. he will preach on "The Ministry of the Church.' These are the last lectures of the Tap pan training course this year.


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