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"CILLETT'Sl Quickest and Best NONE BUT MAGIC WILL MAKE BREAD THAT PREVENTS DYSFEPSIA. NO OTHER EQUALS orfAPPROACHES IT IN LEAVENING STRENGTH, PURITY, AND WHOLESOMENESS. THE GREATEST I BLOOD PURIFIER ; KNOWN. ; ' ThisGreat Germán Medicine is the l i CHEAPEST and best. 128 doses ■ of Sulphur Bitters for $1.00, lessv , , than one cent a dose. mmÊÊimmm ; It will cure the worst #j)on't ever ■ kind of skin disease, #take BLUE ' #p_Ls, or ' ple on the face to #mercury,they ' that awful disease, #are deadiy. ; SCROFULA. laf put your trust , all cases of such Ë Suíphur BitP , stubborn, deep Ê t the puregt a Sffed f'fand best E Sulphur Bitters Ë cine ever made. isthebestmed-#IgyourTONCUE ïcine to_ use. g cqaTED witb. a Don t wait M yeilow 8ticky sub' til tomorrow, Ë 8ance ? Is y o u r I try a bottle # Breath foul and of. b TO-PAY. feasive? Your StomJ ■■■■■■■f ach is OUT OF Order, i 3 Use Sulphur Bitters immediately. r If you are sick, no matter what ► ails you, use Sulphur Bitters. f 9 Don't wait until you are unable Lt 3 to walk, or are flat on your back, g 9 but get Borne AT ONCE, it will f J cure yon. Sulphur Bitters is THE INVALID'S FRIEND. $ SctkI 3 2-cant stamp to A. P. Ordwrw L f1. Sotton, Ma.. ior beet medical orle : CARTERS! CURE Blek Headache and relieve all the tronblaa tod flent to a bilious Btate of the system, suoh aa Dizziness Nausea, Drowsiness, Distresa aftes eating, Pain in the Side, &o. While theirmost remarcable Buccess has been showa in curiBg , SIOK Eeadache. yet Carter's Littla Llver Pffl9 ex equally valuable in Constipation, curing and praventing ibis annoyine complalnt.'while they also correct all disorders oitb.eBtomach,stiinuIatetha Jiver and regúlate the boweK Even tL they onlj HEAD rAcbetheywotildbealmoBtpriceleaatotliosewha Suifer f rom this distressing complaint; but tortuEatelytheirgoodnessdoe3notendhere,andthoB9 irho once try them will flnd these little puls valueblelneomany -waysthatthey wül not be willüjg todo without thëm. But af ter allsick beu} ACHE fis the bane of bo many llvea that here fa vrheta iwemakeourgreatboast. Our puls cure itwiiila Others do not. Carter's Little Liver PUls are very small and Tery easy to take. One or two pilla make a dose. They are Btriotly vegetable nd do not gripe or purge, bat by their gentleaotion please all who nse them. In vials at 25 cents ; flve f or $1. Solo by draggiits everywhere, or Bent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PR1CE Page WeveaWire Fcnce A Smooib Fence that Wil Turn Any Kind of Stock I ' The Bestand Cheapcst Fence for the Farm Made in sizes irom :'A to 58 inches bigrh, eithc galvanizad or painted. Cali and Examine It And you will buy no other. M. STAEBLER, Aun Arbor. LANDS POE SALE. Bythr liihioix Central [:. Sí. Co., at lote priefí nuil un easy termx, in SoutAern lULuoU. The best farm country in the world foj eitlier large or small farms, gardens, froita ■urchards, dairying, raisinsf stock or sbeep. A Kreater variety oi' crops, with a greater proflt, caa be grown on a leBS amount of land in ttiit country than can be raised in any other por tion of this State. Special indueements and iacilities offered bj the Illinois Central Kailroad Company to g and examine these lands. For full descriptior and map and any information, address or cal upon E P. SKBNK, Land Commiseioner I. C JU B. Co., 78 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.


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