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AYER'S Sarsaparilla Y-our best remedy for E-rysipelas, Catarrh R-heumatlsm, and S-crofiila. Salt-Rheum, Sore Eyes A-bscesses, Tumors R-unning Sores S-curvy, Humors, Itch A-nemia, Indigestión P-imples, Blotches A-nd Carbuncles R-ingworm, Rashes I-mpure Blood L-anguidness, Dropsy L-iver Complaint A-ll cured by AyCR'S Sarsaparilla Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., I.owell, Masa. Soldbyall Dr%'ist8. i"rice$l; bíx boules, $5. Cures others,wii leu re you E,I,BILBIEJifllMsl Pupil of Sauret. After throe yoars' study at the "Stern Conservatory." Berlín. Germany, untler emiutiu teachers in Solo, Ensemble, and Theory; also iinder professors oí the "Berlín Hig-h School" is noiv preparecNo tako pupils at his rooms in the Ann Arbor Organ Compañas Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sts., -visnsr aï?3ok. ETeVms made ktiown on application. _3 WANTED. QtriCK, active man at once. Must spcat Germán and furnish references. $18 PER WEEK. The Chicago PuMication and Lithograph Co. 194 Madison SL, CHICAGO, ILL. IN VIT ATION ! World's Fair. We wlsh every intendins visitor to the Columbian Exposition to be uure and see i he Reiiabie Carpenter ORGANS Factory: Iirattlerjoro, Vt. Hlghest quallty. Greatest Durability. Tn the ntantime for eataloaue and terms; or betterstlll, eall at the Western warerooins. We will be glad to see you. J. HOWAED FOOTE, Gen. Western Agent, 307-309 Wabash Ave, - CHICAGO, ILL. flSTWt'ölfflED. but The PEERLESR AS7HMA REMEDY win give instant isüei. Üüo anij 50c Slies. Sample mji'ied f ree At dniesistsor inaileüoif recoipt 21 pnce byTtíe Pesriess Stemedy Co„ Gobleville, liicb. B I UviAn Tric]-ela,Cioiu and Pislols, (arts, fit "5" f I.S Bafc-slw, Wagons, 'arriaSea Safes, Al 4 11 f UU SicO., Harnpss, l'art Tops.,Ski(tf, Sewing KacHnes, áttordoons, Orpins, Pianos, Cider JI11], th Drancr. Fefil aiills, Stovps, Rrltlcs, Bonc Hllls, Lctler Prrïscs, 3mï Srrows, Tmctü, Anrils, Ha}lntt(-rs Pï-ess Stauds, Copy Books, Vises, Drllls, Road Plows, f ai Xunrrs, ColTee Milla, Lalhes, Benders, DumpCarts, Ikiro Shelters, Hiind i'art, Forges. Serapers,ire Fence, ! nnrlne Mills, Wrinprs, Enpluta, Sans, Steel Sinks, finln Diiraps, Crow Bar, Boilers, Tools, Bit Brao, Hay, Stock, Elcratfir, ïiailrond, Platform and Connter SCALES. Seud for freo Crflalnue and see how to nave Honey. 151 80. JeSerson Bt.. CHICAGO B0ALE CO.. Chicago, IU. Béglnntnff. First Week Secontl Wec3L. WEAK MEN INSTANT KELtEF. Cure in 14 days. Never returns. I will eend (sealed) CDCC to my fellow sufferersa prescription rliEC to enlarde email weak organs. A eure cure for Emissions, Lost Manhood, Nervoue Debility, Varicocele, etc Address .S.Franklin, MubIc Dealer, Marañal!, Mlch. STIDMS CHEAP n K IBI V 20.000 ACñLS of tsta LA II II class MICHIGAN f m B" Pv fi Ij, lands near railroads, in Alcona, B ■ Alpena and Montmorency counties; soiï, rich clay and gravel loams; H hardwood timber; well watered by spiings and living streams; near churches, schools and lively towns. Price, Í3 to $5 per acre. Easy terms. Perfect titles. T. S. SPRAGUE, 818 Hammond Bld'g, Detroit, Mlch F?iONYSBESÏ SALVE IN USE MHBJltcb, Sore Eyes, Barber's Itch, PHH9H9V Obstinate TJlcers, Piles, Bun is. f .nSjBr 1 Warranted to cure Itching Piles. Estáte of Edmund Clancy. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTY of Washtenaw, es. At a session of the Probate Court for thf Cnuntv of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ano Arto, on Wednesday, the Ifltb day of April, in the year oce rhousapi pisrht hundred and ninoty-three. I'rsent. J.Willurd Babbitt, Jndgp of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of EdxauudClancy. öeceased. On reading nnd filing the petition, dulv verified, of William H. Clancy, praying that k certain intruiacüt BOW On file iu thia Court, purporting io be tha last will and testament of said deceased may be admitted to probate and that adcalrdflteitlon wltta the will anoexed of saiii estáte 10 iy be granted to James Kearns, thore being no exeentor insaid will uunied, or to soinc otlier sultable peraon Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, the löth day of May ncxt. at ten o'ciock in the forenoon, bc assitrned for tho hearing of Bald petition, and thatHhe devisees, leñatees and heirs at law of said deC'-'ii!ed and al) other personB intereetedin said estáte, are required to appear at a aepsiou of suid Couvt, tun to be holden at the Probate OlnL'O, in the city of Anu Arbor, and ehowcauFC, if any the-e be, why the prayer oi" the prtitioiiei' should not he fjriiuted. And it is furtner ortlered, that said patltionei give notice to the pereons intereeted in öaid estáte ot the pendency of said petition, and the heariug thereof, bvcausing a copy of tbis order to be published in the Ann Arbor Arois, a newapaper pnnted and clrculated in aaid Couuty, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, J. WILLARD BABBITT, {.A truecopv] Jude of Probate. Wiixiam G. Doty, Probate Register. I


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