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LiANsiNO, April 1.- The house passed bllls requiring the use after January, 1894 of blowers In all establishment where emery wheels are used. The greater portion of the sesslon was devoted to the eonsideration of the Uishop bill, prohibiting railroad companies from issuing free passes to legislators and state officials. Adjournment was taken bofore the bilí carne to a vote. The senate passed bilis making telegraph companies common carriers: to prevent the introduction and spread of cholera in the state; proventiug foreign insurance companies authorized to do business in this state from plac ing Insurance on Michigan property in offices outside of the state. Gov. Rich approved the bill prohibiting the imprisonment of federal prisoners in this state. Lansing, April 20.- The deadlock over the insano asylum appropriation bill which has prevailed for sevoral days was broken in the house by the adoption ot the committee's report, which cuts off one of the three cottages originally provided for the Northern asylum, but leaves it the additional land desired. The appropriation for an electric-lighting plant at the Michigan asylum is reduced to ítí.UOO, and the item of S75,00n for a new asylum to the upper península remains intact, conditioned, howeter, on the donation to the state of a site comprising 400 acres. The house_ also passed the mining school appropriation bill at ÏHO.OüO, the bill permiV tlng the slaughter of English sparrows at trap shooting, the bill prohibiting the soliciting or 188Utng of unauthorizcd flre or marine insurance policies, ana the bill makinir au appropriation to lncrease the efficiency of the state board of healiU in restriction of dangerous diseases. ín the senate the judiciary cdmmittee favorably rcported a. bill providing for two additional judges for the supreme court, and the labor committee made a similar report on the bill providing for factory iuspection under the dlrection of the labor bureau and prohibiting the employmenl of girls under 14 years of age in factories. Lansing, April 21.- Gov. Rich sent to the senate a comm unica tion from the governor oí Minnesota requesting the appointment of a cominission of ten to cooperate with a like commission from each of the states to meet in convention and organize an interstate conference to consider the attitude and effect of the coal trust. Ji .as referred to the committee on federal relations. The house committee of the whole agreed to a bill setting apart tüeuse of West Manistique lake, in the upper península, íor the purpose of experimentiug upon the feasibilily of the propagation of whitefish in the inland lakea. The senate committee of the whole agreed to a bill rcenacting the old law providing for the election of presidential electors, which was in torce when the Míner electoral law was enaeted.


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