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Arbor Tent, No. 296- Meots on every Frida evening at eight o'clock in thoir hall in th Post Office building. Johnson Tent, No. 783- Meets on Thurs day evenins: at eight o'olock in their hall, No l N. Main street. Arboh Hive, No. 113 - Meets on Tuesday cvenings at 7:30 o'clock iu the hall of Arbor Tent. ARBOR TENT. Assessment N0.48 yielded$5ii.5o in Arbor Tent. Be loyal to the order and attenc the weekly Reviews. Arbor Tent made an increase ol 11 members during March. The i2th anniversary of the Order will be observed on June 11. A new side degree is being arranged by some of the officers. Arbor Tent Orientáis have conferred the degree upon over 100 members. There are several candidates ready and it is expected that they will exercise "Billy" this evening. ♦ Record Keeper Lutz has been at the World's Fair for the past two weeks, arranging the University exhibit. The Great Camp meeting will be held at Grand Rapids, this year. Arbor Tent will send a large delegation. Applications for membership are . beginning to come in rapidly. Three new names were presented last Friday and twice that number are expected this evening. JOHNSON TENT. A. D. Seyler has be.en elected F. K. Picket Stevenson and G. W. Townsend are in Grand Rapids. The time of meeting has been changed from Wednesday to Thursday evening. The Tent has just received a complete set of paraphernalia from headquarters and the initiatory work will now be more interesting. ARBOR HIVE. The next assessment of the Hive is due May 15. The Hive will hold a Fair and social in the near future. Two candidates enjoyed the privilege of "riding the goat" at the last meeting. The meeting which was to have v been Jheld on Tuesday evening was :held in the afternoon, on account of the Ypsilanti visit. Quite a number of the Ladies went down to Ypsilanti, Tuesday evening, to attend a school of instruction conducted by one of the Great Hive officers. The members of the Hive are making a block quilt which is to contain a block made by each one of the members, 85 in nurnber. It is to be all done by hand. One of the Ladies left her little boy with a neighbor while she was being initiated. He was asked by another neighbor where his ma was, whereupon he replied "I dess she is up with the bumble bees."


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