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Ann Arbor has a poet. His volumes of poems have just beenissued from the Courier office just as he hopes to have his diploma issued by the law faculty next June. He is a poet, "what is a poet." He beats the sweet singer of Michigan - he eaves her so far behind that her name will no longer go "heralded down the ages" as the greatest of Michigan's productions. For have we not our own E. F. Johnstone, and does he not sing the praises of our law faculty in undying terms. Take a specimen. "Demosthenes would blush to hear, His fame outvied by Thompson's speech, Whose lofty thoughts perfertion reach And cali a most stupendous cheer. "Hia name shall live on glory's paire. Wuen 'Perlcles1 shall beno more; His famu hall ring from shore to shoie ïncroasing with increasíuí? age." That's the kind of a man we have for mayor - but he is not alone among the .famous men of the faculty. Hear what he has to say of Griffin: "Okl Cicoro, for glory bom, With Leví never could compare; Accomplished be and debonaii-, A wreath of fume lie loug lias worn." Dean Jerry C. Knowllton is destined to be immortal. Hear Johnstone again: He's Knowlton, .T., whosename shall live Lons after old Justinian, of Rome, shall have forgotten been - Till stars forget their Ught to give. Bigelow's learning aniazes "wise old Solomon." He is "a gentleman, a scholar and asaint." "Honor has kissed" Trueblood's "noble brow. " Conely is "sublime." Vanee is the man of " greatest piety." Johnson will be rich, and honor awaits him. What a famous set we have, to be be sure. Nor is all the learning bound up in the law faculty. Hon. A. J. Sawyer, Hon. Chas. R. Whitman and others come in to have their praises sung in undying verse. The book is well illustrated. Get a copy. It will delight you more than any book you have purchased lately. See when he makes "fakir" rhyme with "Almighty Maker," something no one but a poet " to the manor born" wouldhave thought of doing. Space and time deny a more extended review of the poet at this time. We may take occasion to quote a gem or two later.


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