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You have noticed that sotne houses always seem to need repainting ; they look dingy, rusted, faded. Öthers always look bright, clean, fresh. The owner of the first "economizes" with "cheap" mixed paints, etc; the second paints with Strictly Pure I White Lead The first spends three times as much for paint in five years, and his buildings never look as well. Almost everybody knows that good paint can only be had by using strictly pure White Lead. Tne dimculty is iack of care in selecting it. The foliowing brand s are strictly pure White Lead, "Old Dutch " process ; they are standard and well known - established by the test of years : "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" For any color (other than ■white) tint the Strictly Pure White Lead with National Lead Company's Pure White Lead Tinting Colors, and you will have the best paint that it is possiile to put on a building. For sale by the most reliafale dealers in paints everywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a book cor.taining information that may save you many a dollar ; it will only eest you á postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Broadway, New York, Chicago Branch, State and Fifteentti Streets. An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful thing - ndoubtedly caused by the irritating ffects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are ever possible among people who are ddicted to the use of KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP 'he great soother of angry passions - ie promoter of health and goodeeling. Cleans everything - injures othing- don't be af raid to use KIRK'S oap on the most delicate fabrics. JAS. S. liïRIv &. CO., Chicago. Itasky Biamond Tar Soap A -iïfEs?Ann Arbor and Ypsiianti Street Railway. Time table taking effect October 1, 1892. Leave Ann Arbor trom Court Houxe ut 7.20, 20. 10.50 a. m., and 1.00, 2.50, 4 20, 6.50, 7.20, 50, 10.50 p. m. Leave Ypsilanti at 7.00, 9.00, 10.30, a. m. and .1,2.30,, 7.00,8.30, 10.30p. m. SÜNDAY TIME TABLE. Leave Ann Arbor trom Court House, at 2.20, 50, 5.20, 6.50, 8.20, 9.50, p. ra. Leave Ypxilanti at 3.00, 3.30, 5 00, 6.). 8.00, 30, p. m. Cars run on City Time, twenty-eight minutes aster than Standard Time. Coupon tickets, 15 cents. For sale by coniictors. CHEAÏMEÏÖMES. Ma 1 FarmingLandsin f I 111 Central Michigan ■ Wjwww for sale on easy erms and long time by HE LANS, LOAR AM TXTLS IMAÏÏ OF MT. PLEASANT, MICHIGAN, BgnHBTheqnillincpirtvulllic B stage eoacb are playedAnilll T Tbe telephone and UUILI mAUtHDavis Family Quilting mm. „.■!. ■ Machine are modern ne3 HOURS. ■ MyQuiltlnizMaU IIUMMH. o" nd valua■ ble attacliment for all swinKmaehmes. Oï.e lady (not6 or 9) can make a uiltin o hours: alsoquilt children's clöatcs; dressnings, etc. Send SO.OO and 1 will send you a machine by rat express. Agenta wanted everywhere. Forcirculnrsand full informatiun address UKMiY 'S. DAVIS, 30 W. Kandolph St., Chicago REP0ET OF THE C0NDITI0N OF THE mm mm mi - AT- ANM ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At the close of business, December 9, 1S92. HESOURCES. Loansand iiiscounts $H03.186 38 (tocks Bond and Mortgages, etc 117,31107 Overdrafts - 6,12880 )ne from banks in reserve clties... :!,):") ui Oue from ollicr banks anti bunkers, 14,311 11 Jue from Wttshionaw Oo 3I.5ÍI909 ?unilture and üxiures 3,000 0l yurrent expenses and laxes pnid 2,336 03 nterest paid "47 13 Chei:ksand cash items.. 1,571 71 Slii-kels und peniiies H!l üold coin - 7,584 80 Silvcr coin 1.97116 U.S and National Uauk NotiS H.S99 00 Total - .(58T.B8499 LIAIilLTTIKS. Capital t;ocl; paid in. - $ 50.000 CO Surplus fund - 10.000 80 Undivided profits 21,009 57 individual deposits 1W.801 77 O-ortifleatea of depoeit 263,8(951 ■ifviniis deposits 75,654 11 Total..- 537, 324 9Í STATE OF MICHIGAN, Couniy of Vaahtenww, ! I, Frederick II. lïelser, Cashier of tbe abovt aanifii bank, do &olemnly swear that tbc abovi statement is true to the Dest of niy knowledge and belief. F. 11. BELSER, Oasbier, Subicribed ami sworn to before me this Wth daj af Dwembor, 1892. H. A. Williams. Notary Public Correct- Attest . Cha. E. Ureene, 1 Amukose Keakney, Directors v"m. O. Stevens, )tgsPitjB wil'''''ilio''''r:'u''nutth''1 f W' -1i "Triïl JMB position. If you want a de&ÍÍ=fBiHATCHER thBtwill 1 WZ Tl Bive ïu PLEASURE )& V ANDPROFIT8nd4c 1 in stanips for uew iliustrated catalogue. Addreus: ] Reliable henbator and BroodeT Co„ Uuincy, Jlliaoia.


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