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Alabastine, Co.

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Sfiffe-S -J# Mk ö'.'3 fc, thatWallpaper,wth tw) A - - i --.? ,' Tj' ƒ t ■ f ' I " '■"'. aabnal trine, is unsanitary, W.Ê H i) MwZZi iñlí í (i i l'íN. ' pSi nú t''t o aPP!jr repeated OÍ'W&XW -S. IflFffi! & " nas v Poetice," as well 'gSJ-a"-'-'- iléüCÍ'' 11 -Ljij as i5os. Kalsomine jWWffir J Pi f J fïÏS isteaiporary, rois, rubs oflT iv' W ■ W-% I 11 I i Mi"- and scales5 palat stops sW1 '!': ' ll r "v.all respiration-'neodea &V JV W- STOjy iX: UíwlffWallg. Scndtous lozyífy for -i pap" íromJIichisau wh rM ' stat6 Bosrd of Hhh re" ' lV.í; M TBJsDoctob.- "Onelayer Prt on tUis subject, rec„.. ,. '''- Y''yff ■ nuv recover bui caiuJt bastiue aud plástico only "It 'WOn t ' jM'i V U!i íor WIll of dwellings. rub off " L - y Alabastine forms pure. penuneat and porous coat ll' P ínf;s' ""d l!oes not to be taken off to renew JjIjL yÜTv„. fr01" i'me to timo : is dry ponder, ready for uso by í?í Í?2H v ' VÍP addlng -water íího latest mate s used in COL& K'SiWM u&r), f 'i ffater an(1 '3 neTer BoM i;i bulk' ; oau le esillr fí-7j 2 LÍj3'i i V JW WO 0 brushed on by aoy onc : mado in white and twelïe ' % fJoii? 'ífíéj V W W fashionablo tiuts. ar. i.i hree shades, from which yíií Cv? S V I m?S decorators make the baiaace cf forty sliades sliovrn K K V ' - Or on their rrUX.ZfA r-iíJríZ. 1 J H. B.-It Ís not einimcd that all wboUn wtthc i - ...,;„„ fnr 1 Ppercd walls die muoh before their time, but Send for Alabastine Rock for JJJ enjoy bet(fr hoalth with wall COii;!, irs Souvenir, Free ; alSO Tint Card. (ippP) p,, Permanent, Porons and Pretty. Mmtloo f.iis piper. For Sale by Paint dealers everyirhere. , Grand Rapids, Mick.


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