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Since the cyclone Ypsilanti has feit blew. Milán has 27 bicyclist howling for good roads. That's right. The lodge of Good Templars at Dexter is outgrowing its quarters. It is so full that larger rooms are necessary. A conspiracy is on foot at Ann Arbor, to form a Hop Tonic company. Another patent medicine ! " How long, O Lord, how long!" Milán has purchased a fire-bell, and the suppressed anxiety to have a fire is one of the severest trials bourne there since the electric sugar trials. Forty-nine Saline children of school age, have not shadowed the portal of. the educational bureau this year; yet no one regards it worth while to hunt up and kick the truant officer. This week, Dexter's town clock will be hoisted into proper position, and the long expected big strike will be on. The clock will be wound by the village windmill, driven by a cyclone. The demand for bread in Washtenaw has been so eclipsed by the' demand for beer, that the farmers about Chelsea are sowing large crops of barley, and will not sow much wheat next f all. Judge Harrington, of Chelsea, while discussing the laws of gravitation last week, dropped the end of a plank and smashed the boss toe of one foot. Demonstrative science is always convincing. Christian Bruestle, of Jerusalem, Washtenaw county. allowed workmen to bale his foot in a hay-press and is now the lamest man in town, and hates to hear anybody sing "Jerusalem, my Happy Home." ft A # V The first democratie postmaster in Washtenaw county, under the new administration, is H. W. Robinson, of Emory. E. E. Leiand, his predecessor, resigned, and is worrying about what to do with his surplus. # A rear end collision between Philip Mains, of Whittaker, and a railroad train, injured Mains' back and reduced his toes to a pulp. It was one of the worst days for Mains that he remembers to have ever experienced. V # # # It is suggested that every theatre in the state give a one night benefit towards rebuilding the Ypsilanti opera house. Better than that let some "Uncle Tom" tent company give a one night benefit and have the honor of the entire rebuilding. ♦ ♦ Prof. Schaeberle, formerly of the state university, reports from South America, the capture of the eclipse he was after, and the establishment of his owii previous theory of the mechanical origin of the sun's corona. What that theory was we don't know, and so cannot express any astronomical opinión of the nebular hypothesis, except that the milky way is probably a heavenly cowpath, and we are having the most backward spring forseveral years. We are happy to state that our much esteemed friend, Mr. Woodruff, the eider, of the Ypsilanti Sentinel, came safely through the recent I atmospheric agitation. It is said, however, that four strong men were required to hold his whiskers on. Christian Dieterle, of the University city, is doing 65 days in the Detroit house of correction for the álleged crime of whipping his wife. And yet we prate about this being the land where liberty dwells, and every man worships according to his conscience. The Ann Arbor Argus says " the Grass Lake postoffice has been renovated with the possible idea that it may aid the republican incumbent to keep his place." But isn't it going to seem a little unnatural not to feel the cocfcroaches tumbling down the back of his neck ? The Grass Lake pickle house has been shipped to Manchester. Referring to this loss of Grass Lake, the Argus states that the place had been pickled to death, and that "the only fresh .citizen there is the editor of the Grass Lake News." A man must be as cool as a cucumber to stand that. Thursday night last week,it looked like there would be another cyclonado at Ypsilanti. Editor Coe, of the Commercial, so we are informed, climbed up and sat astride his roof with hitching weights tied to his legs. It proved to be not necessary, but showed Mr. Coe to be a thoughtful editor.


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