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George D. Allmendinger has put a new roof on his house. New elm trees have been set out in the court yard square. The I. O. G. T. give a social at their hall on State street, Saturday evening. A Liberty street lady has had a number of llowers stolen. The Ann Arbor banks will contribute some gold to the U. S. treasury. Aid. Fillmore has so far recovered from his recent severe illness as to be out again. L. Gruner has struck a fine vein of water at a depth of 125 feet on his peach farm. "Trial by Jury," at the opera house next "Wednesday evening, will be well worth seeing. The Young People's society of the Presbyterian church holds a social, Friday evening. Mrs. Abbie O'Riley has secured a back bounty for $200 through W . K. Childs' agency. The fifth ward cemetery has been put in good order, and given its annual spring cleaning up. II. J. Brown has been elected trustee of Forest Hill cemetery in the place of the late John M. Wheeler. Supervisor James S. Gilbert, of Chelsea, has been appointed deputy state oil inspector for this district. The first day of sale of the state tax tand has been postponed by the county treasurer until Saturday, May 13. Rev. Wm. Galpin, formerly of this city, has received a cali to the rectorship of All Saints church, Saginaw. The marshal made six arrests during April, four for drunkenness. one for vagrancy, and one for assault and batery. Rev. H. D. Willett will preach in the Church of Christ, Sunday evening, on "Some Peculiarities of the Disciples." The store of William F. Lodholz, in the fifth ward, was burglarized Wednesday evening, a quantity of jewelry being taken. On May 8tli, Rev. ï. G. Milsted, of Chicago, will lecture at Unity Club, on 'Emerson: as tlie Man, the Thinker, and the Poet." Alfred Hennequin has brought out a new play, "A Girl with a Temper," vhich was first put on the boards at ialtimore, Saturday night. Martin Schaller, formerly in George Wahr's bookstore, has opened a bookstore on One Ilundred and Twentyrifth street, New York City. Mooie & Wetmore have issued a handsorne art souvenir, "Illustrated Ann Arbor,'' containing a lavge number of views of Ann Arbor and the University. During the month of April, Superintendent of the Foor Sipley gave orders for $47.94 whorth of groeeries, $1.65 nedicines, $31.32 wood, $2.75 meat, and $1.75 coal. 1 Garitón, the only sou of Andrew R. Peterson, died Saturday evening. He was eight years old and gave much Momise of i brilliant future. He was unusually briglit. Henry Meuth and Miss Anna Howard were married in St. Thomas church, Wednesday morning. The happy couple will reside in their new house on Detroit street. Torn L. NickeFs shop,on State street, was burglarized, Wednesday evening, twenty-flve cents woith of stampa being taken. The burglars also entered Sheehan's and Wahr's bookstores. only getliug a little change at the latter place. In an affldavit just tiled in the circuit court the term "large wages" is clearly detined, Tlie affidavit is that a certain defendant to a divorce snit "is au able-bodied man. capable of earning large wages" and that the deponent "has employed liim and paid lim large wages, to-vvit, the sum of $1.60 a day.'" The man was employed as an enginéer at that. Prof. Thompson's address before the Young People's Vespers of St. Andrew's church, whieh was postponed from last Sunday evening, will be given on Sunday evening next, at 6 :30. Subject: Self-respect as a Christian Motive. . C. E. Holden and D. Potts, of the Ann Arbor railroad yards here, have been flied for refusing to fire tor a "seab"' engineer, The recent deaths of firemen who have fired for "scab" engineers ought to be excuse enough for such refusal. A series of lectures, designed to show what light modern discoveries have thrown upon the Bible stories of Adam and Eve, Jonah and the whale, etc. will begin next Sunday evening in the M. E. church. The first Iecture will discuss " The Creation." Benjamin Glassford, a carpenter working on D. Loomis' house on Fuller street, feil some distance last Thursday, owing to the breaking of a board. 11 is hip and wrist were broken and he sustained internal injuries, from which he died Sunday evening and was taken to Clinton for burial. Rev. T. G. Milsted, of Chicago, will preach at the Unitarian chureh next Sunday morning and evening, in exchange with Mr. Sunderland. His evening subject will be "The World's Fair: Life more abundantly." Mr. Milsted is the successor of Robert Collyer, and is a very eloquent speaker. On Monday evenmg he will lecture in ;he Unity Club course on "Emerson." The chairman of the board of health of Ann Arbor has notified both the Argus and the Register folks of that city that they must do something with ;heir oflice towels. Burying and burnng have been suggested but, determined that the university town shan't ake a back seat for anybody or anything, famous or infamous, the parties notifled have resolved to display the said towels at the big Columbian exosition. The fragrant face-wipers will be placed in an air-tight glass case n order that no danger may arise from contagión, and displayed in the 1 iginee underwear dppartment of the great fair.- Grass Lake News. Mis. Corydon L. Ford, wife of Dr. ?ord, the senior professor of the XTniversity in point of service, died at their ïome on Washtenaw avemie, ïuesday ast, f rom a bursting blood-vessel, af ter i short illness. She was a retined, kind-hearted, estimable lady, who was ndeed a helpmeet to Dr. Ford, whom she aecompanied to nearly every place ie went. She was 64 years of age, and was born in Fittsh'eld, Mass., and has jeen married to Dr. Ford tor twentyseven years. The funeral services were held at three o'clock yesteiday ifternoou.