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s All (jone - wo%--?" mau's suffering "?53S- "7Dv 71 lO and woman's '(AjVLv , weakness. Dr. VA Tfc Ai 7 Pierce's Favorito I vAMf Pi-escription puts VA mIS a stP t0 Its )V n remedy for all %, y7""s&7r the delicate de'lil ' ' t rangements and """ ' disorders that make hor suffer, and a curo for oil the dis1 eases and disturbances that make her wea k. It's a legitímate medicine, that correcta :. r.d cures; a tonic that invigorates and builda up ; a nervino that soothes and strenpther.s. For bearing-dowu pains, displácemenos, and all the fiinetional irregularities peculiar to the sex, it's a safe and certain remedy. Other medicines claim to cure? That's true. But they don't claim to do this: if the "Favorito Preacription " fails to benefit or cure, in any case for which it's recommended, the money paid for it is refunded. Judge for yourself which is likely to be the better medicine. And think whether something else offered by the dealer is likely to be " iust as good." You pay only for the good you get. On these tenas it's the cheapest. Unlike the Dutch Process ÍNo Alkalies Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. Baker & Go.'s Breakfast Gocoa, which is ábsolutely pure and soluble. It has more than íhree times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and easii.y DIGESTED. Sold by Crocers everywhere. W. Baker &Co.JDorchester, Mass. -.. _- - j.. .... . i I i . i 8 0 Ib ttí y h ai tr4 H 1 .1 1 íí " í I I d !] ü Q 6 I fe b 5 g I g t a S I II W ? N P-S, CQ I ' SPRING; MILLINERY OPENING Beginning April 12, 13, 11, and 15. MRS. OTTO always has a surprise in store for the Ladies. Attend the opening and examine tlie pattern hats and bomiets for ladies and children made by the skillful fingers oí Miss Eva Hay. a trimmer of several years' experience at Detroit, also Toronto, Can., Wholesale Houses. Ladies, Attend thissiile and satisfy yourselves inboth style and priee. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. The cream of the country papera ia found n Remington'a County Seat Lista. Shrewd advertser8 avail themselves of these lista, a copy of which can be had of Eemington Bros., of New York & Pittsburg. GET A TICKET OF W. P. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Eroadway ind you are entitled to a choieenf the Dome nstruetor or the Life of General Sherman or hcLileofP. T. Barnum (FHEE) when cash purchasc to the amount of 815 has been made. THE HOME INSTRUCTOR. LA ICE OCTAVO, 4',8 PAGES, ILLUSVllA'l'FA). A compendium of useful knowedge necessary for the practical uses of everyday hfe. A complete and perfect uide to lile n public and private. THE UFE AND DEEDSTOF W. T. SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, fifiS PAGES, ILLUSTUATED. A grapuic narrative of bis boyhood and early Ufe, eduoatlon, career in Florida and 'ulifornia, military achiovements, lile as a itizen, last sickuess and death ; with fine xteel torlrail. THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM. THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. OBOWN OCTAVO ,.520 PAGES, ILLUSTRATED. His early lile and strug-g-les. bold ventures and brilliant success: his wonderful oareer. hls wit, genius and eloouence, his Ufe as a Citizen, etc.- to which is auded hisíamous book, The Art f Mimcy Gettíno. FOUND ATLASÏ! Eureka Bug. Kukr and Mats from oíd Carpeta. Save your oíd Ingrain, Tapestry and Brussels Carpets. Any size of Rug made from !4 to 3 yards wide and of any length. Price 75 sents and upward jer Uug, complete with rring-e. L. M. PETERS, Carpet Cleaning & i ttug Manufacturlng Co. 547 Clinton Ave., De J troit. Sond for Circulars.


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