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ihe Dundee Reporter has begun the fish story season and telfs of a local angler catching a jJi-pound pickerel. - Monroe Democrat. Oh, now, Mr. Carr! Please, dear Mr. Carr, won't you take it back ? Let us all teil the truth thisyearand reflect upon our latter end. The destructive cornet will return injuly, they say. Justice Myron Webb, of Saline, was this spring elected to his fourth term. His honor has the honor of having never had a single vote cast against him. He may like that sort of thing, but we wouldn't be so confoundedly popular. A man with no enemy to "take it out of" when he gets up in the morning with "a bad taste in his mouth" is in an uncomfortable fix. Of course, however,ne could whip his wife; thatt is, we suppose he could. Within four weeks the T. & A. A. road has had a costly strike, a depot destroyed at Mount Pleasant, a wreek at Farwell - in which three were killed - and the explosión of an engine, accompanied by the killing of the fireman. The younger Ashley - who stammers - may now repeat what he said to the malitia, as he sat on the fence by a heap of purposely derailed box cars, placed there to block interference with the T. & A. A. crossing another road: "W-w-w-e've h-h-h-ad a wreek." The five hundred magnificent specimens of coráis from the Philipine Islands, owned by Prof.Steere, of the University, will be exhibited at the World's Fair. This will add much to the interest of the exposition; but a far more attractive feature of the Columbian show would be a group of natives from those islands in the act of cooking and eating a missionary, giving way, one performance a day. It is not yet too late to procure a company of those artless, pleasing people, if the missionaries can be obtained.


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