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Hon. J. T. Jacobs has repainted his residence. Rev. C. A. Young preached in Ionia, last Sunday. Samuel Krause's new house on Third street is enclosed. The Schuetzen and Turner parks will be open Sunday. Rev. Charles A. Young preaches in Paw Paw next Sunday. Henry Cornwell is building a new house on Cornwell place. The Oak Grove club house, at Zukey Lake, is being remodeled. Nine persons joined the Presbyterian church last Sunday morning. The high school graduating class this year will be one hundred strong. The Sunday school orchestra of the M. E. church gave a concert last evening. M. E. Swartout has been building an addition to his house, on Packard street. A slight change of running time will be made on the Michigan Central next Sunday. Ernest Coon, of Ann Arbor, has been granted a patent on a floor drainer. There will be a special Song Service at the Unitarian church next Sunday evening. The Detroit wheelmen expect to be n the city May 28, and will leave here 'or Adrián. "Adam and Eve" will be the topic of he lecture in the M. E. church next feunday evening. Socials were held last evening by ,he ladies of the Presbyterian and Episcopal churches. The Ann Arbor north side ball team efeated the Dixboro nine, Saturday, )y a score of 10 to 8. Lenawee county has a new post fflce named Gorman. It is situated i Medina township. Frank Dugdale was thrown out of his cart by a runaway horse on West Huron street, Sunday. Martin Haller furnishes one of the reception rooms in the Michigan building at the World's Fair. Charles Dosey has opened a wood urning shop in Herman Krapf 's planng mili on Detroit street. The Woman's Missionary society of ie Presbsterian church meets this fternoon at three o'clock. A pupils' recital will be given at the chool of Music, in Newberry Hall, tomorrow, Saturday, ut 2 p. m. Viola Sorg, daughter of Oscar O. Sorg, died Wednesday of inilatnmaory rheumatism, aged nine years. The Knights Templar will decórate he graves of their departed members n Forest Hill cemetery, next Sunday. The case against Marion Goodale, or selling oil from a wagon, has been adjourned agaiu until next Wednesday. Burglarstook a gold watch and some money from a student's room at Ernest Kitson's, on Geddes avenue, last Mday A eommanders badge will be presented to Col. Henry S. Dean, at the meeting of Weich Post, G. A. E., May 25. Col. Henry S. Dean was elected senior vice-commnnder of the Royal Legión, at their meeting in Detroit, last week. Kev. C. M. Cobern has been appointed a member of the advisory council on the religious congress at the World's Fair. The meeting of Welch Post, G.A. R., this evening, is open to the public, and Capt. Manly will give his recollection of Gettysburg. The ordinance breakingbicyclers ave still using the sirïewalks, defying the law. The marshal might spend part of his time in the city, where he could arrest the violators, but better yet, the constables could make some money. Mis. Otto will have a stimmer Mi! linery opening, beginning May 17 For particulars see advertisements ii another column. Daniel Sutherland, of Pittsfield, hac a leg amputated last Friday. It wil be remembered tliat he was injured ii the recent tornado. Rev. H. L. Millett, of Chicago, wil address the temperance meeting in Good Templara hall, on State street. at 3:15 p. m., Sunday. The Lyra concert, Wednesday even ing, was well attended and indicatec the possession of much musical talen by the pupils of Prof. Kempf . The foundations for the new societ house adjoining Hamilton Park, ar up. It is said that it will be one of th finest society houses in the city. The Forest Hill Cemetery association has purchased four acres of land adjoining the cemetery on the east from the Woodmansee brothers. Prof. Stanley lectures on the Uoston Symphony concert program, to De given May 19, next Wednesday and Thursday, at live o'cloek, in the chapel. The subject of Rev. A. S. Carman's discourse at the Baptist church wiil be "Antiseptics." The medical and morafc aspects of the subject will be considered. Mrs. Laura Ormiston Chant, of London, England, will lecture in the Unitarian church, Friday evening May 12, on "Tennyson." Admission 25 cents. Samuel Hardbour eaught his right hand in the jointer at the Michigan Furniture Company"s factory, Tuesday, and the doctors had to ampútate two fingers. Prof. G. W. Patterson will speak at the Young Peoples' Vespers, next Sunday evening, in St. Andrew's chapel, on the topic: " The Responsibility of an Educated Man." Mrs. Alice A. M. Newton, of Superior township, has commenced suit for divorce from Charles F. Newton, on the ground of extreme cruelty. The parties were married in September, 1888. Alimony is asked. Chas. Flemming, a high school student, was arrested by Officer Tice for riding a bicycle on East University avenue, and paid a flne of $1 and $2.70 costs into Justice Pond's court. The Arbeiter society is going to Jackson, June 14, 15 and 16 to help the Jackson and other societies celébrate. Albert Schumaeher and Eugene Oesterlin are the delegates to the meeting of the state society. The house of Mrs. Rachel Bogardus, on Washington street, Ypsilanti, was badly burned Wednesday night, with a loss of about $1,500, eovered by insurance. The fire was eaused by a amp being placed undersome dresses. Next Thursday evening, May 18, ;he Annual Roll-Call of the First Bap;ist churcli will be held in connection vitta the annual social and the freen'üI offering of the Ladies' Society. Tea will be served at 6:30 and will inïlude warm maple sugar. Robert and William Stoll were before Justice Butts, Wednesday, jharged with stealing trom the dwelling of David Kay. Robert plead guilty and was given ninety days in the Detroit hoiise of oorrection. Williams Stoll's trial was adjourned for one week. The quarterly meeting of the Teachers' Association of Washtenaw county will be held in Ypsilanti, May 26 and 27. Ilon. T. A. Bogle, M. A. Whitney, II . R. Pattengill, Miss Coffin, G. A. Sharteau, Miss Florence Baehman aud Evan Essery will take part in the discussions. Daniel S. Bryant has commeneed suit in the circuit court against Benjamin Huson for five thousand dollars damages. The gronnd for the suit, as set out in the declaration, is that Mrs Bryant was thrown from her buggy on a highway in Superior township. liei horse being frightenel by a tractioi engine, belonging to Huson, wliicl was blown off. A student named Davis, while walk ing on 14th street, about 9 o'clock Tuesday evening, with a domestic was struck in the face with a stone in the hands of a colored villain aiu knocked senseless. The colored man seized the girl and dragged her abou forty feet. xlfter a hard stiugíjle she got away from him and the oflicers are now tryíng to lind the colored man.