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The Sad Case Of A Young Man

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"What shall a young man do who on general principies merel? wants to be married:'" asks a correspondent. "While he is desperately in love with the sex be can discover in himself no preferenoe for any individual. This is not becaiise his demands are great. He asks for no impossible sbe - merely youth, beauty and brains. Money is of no consequence. Position he can give. He knows youiiR women by scores. He places himself in places of danger. Tnere is no battery of bright eyes he hesitates to face, praying to be hoyelessly pierced, yet always escapes. His fate he does not put to the lest, or he is never tempted. While otlier men agonize lest they cannot win the trii-l they love this young man is in more ii. rate sfcraits bccauseb cannot find a girl to love. Hiaxsö is as deeply serioua as ii" it were not throiigh its novelty amusIn5f. ' '


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