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The Skittish Doctor

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Di', b was noted among rus professional brethren for his power of concentration. Wheii once he bent his mind to a probleni, he became totally oblivious of everything about him. The doctor had a horse that was altnost as farnous as himself. Among her peculiarities was the habit of shying. She would not shy at things which mosthorses consider fit subjects for that sort of digression. She would pay 110 attention whatevertoanewspaper blowing ubout the streets, but was mortel ly at'mid of a covered wagon. At the sight of one of New Haven's suburban stages she would run over the curbstone and threaten not ouly the doctor's life, but that of the chance passer. Of this habit she could not be brokeu. It seemecj as though she could smell a stage long before it carne in sight, so that the doctor would go half a dozen blocks out of his way rather than meet one. Early one morniug he received atelephonecall to the effect that one of his patients had become alariningly worse. Without waiting for his carriage he started to walk, the distance being about a mile. His mind became at once absorbed in the case, but not so niuch so that he did not remember that the oourse of the Seymour stage lay right in his path. He looked at his watch and saw that he would be sure to meet it if he went the shortest way. He was in a hurry to get to his patiënt, but there was no help for it. He uttered a malediction over the circumstance, and turned off at the first corner. This obliged him to nearly doublé the distance, and the day was warm. He walked as he never walked before, and failed to recognize a couple of intimate friends whom he nearly ran over. It was not until he had spent two hour3 with his patiënt and carne out to look for his horse that he began to realize that h had walked a mile out of his way so thao he rieed not shy at the Seymour stage. -


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