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bix weddings occurred at Niles in one ! day reeen tly. A flavoring extract manufactory will be erected at Three Rivprs. The soldiers' monument in Three Rivers will be unveiled June 20. A State Holiness convention will be eld in Hartford, June 6 to 13. Thomas Crocker has been appointed ollector of custonis at Port Huron. Health officers of Michigan will hold a conference at Ann Arbor June 15 and 16. Alex Brown, a well-known railroad man, died at East Tawas of paralysis and dropsy. The Coopersville Agricultural assoïation will hold its sixth annual fair October 8 to 6. Men employed in the Enterprise coal mine at Spring Arbor are on a strike or more wages. Ludington has voted against issuing xrads to the amount of L15,000 for pro5osed improvements. A firm in Gay lord has paid to farmers n that vicinity the sum of $02,000 for potatoes since last f all. At Conklin, recently, the Conklin ïouse and a store building1 were burned. ..oss $2,000; insurance small. A fall of rock in a mine at Rock Springs, Wyo., killed James N. Chureh11, formerly a resident of Fabius. Mr. Hilboun, of Muskegon, won a wager of $18 from a friend by eating wo dozen bananas in thirty minutes. At its recent session the Michigan rrand lodge Knig-hts of Pythias voted o exclude liquor dealers from the order. Thomas Keating, a cigar manufacurer of Petoskey, died suddenly. His death is attributed to drink and opiates. The new superintendent of schools at ienton Harbor is E. A. Wilson, of Paw Paw, a member of the state board of education. A vicious horse bit a large piece out of the cheek of his owner, Jackson Gould, living near Romeo. The wound may result fatally. A lady residing near Leetsville reoiees in the possession of a beard fully inches in length. So intimates the Muncelona Herald. The Carleton public schools will remain under the supervisión of Prof. Ames, who has just been reelected principal for another term. Among the delegates from the United States to the electrical congress to be ïeld in Chicago August 21, is Prof. H. S. Carhart, c f the University of Michgan. The pulpit of St. John's Episcopal church, Saginaw, will be filled by Rev. T. B. Trego, of St. George's church, De-roit, who has just accepted a cali to ;he former city. A summer normal, to be conducted y Proís. Edgar Bates, of Nettte Lake, O., and L. Hubbard, of Sumner, Mich., will be held at Bear Lake, beginning luly 20 and continuing for eight weeks. Jeremiah Slater, one of the oldest men in the southern part of the state, was buried recently at Dayton. He was orn in Pennsylvania in 1800, and had jeen a resident of this state since 1885. 3e was a member of the Methodist church for sixty-five years.


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