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The Annual Meeting Of Pioneers

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The annual meeting of the old settlers of this county, was held in the opera house at Saline, on the 14 inst., and proved to be one of the largest and most enjoyable of the many held by the society. The president, S.R. rittenden, of Pittsfield, presided. The meeting was opened at 10:30 a. m. by a song trom the Saline Quartette, led by Frank Clark, and prayer by Rev. J. E. Platt. Rev. Mr. Bullock followed with a song entitled, Barbara Fritchie. The report of the secretary, Mr. Sessions, of the proceedings of the last meeting was read and approved. The report of the treasurer, Mr. Treadwell was also presented and approved, and showed a balance on hand of $18.45. The necrologist then read his report, giving the ├▒ames, ages, and number of years of residence in the county, of all the old settlers who have passed over the river during the past year. Total deaths the past year, 151. Their average age was 74; one was over 100 years old. Eleven between 90 and 100, thirtyfour between 80 and 90, forty-nine between 70 and 80 and twenty-one between 60 and 70. Under 60, fifteen. A recess was taken for dinner and gave the members an opportunity to pay the annual dues of 25 cents, and $12.75 was received. The people of Saline and vicinity had prepared a sumptuous dinner for all present, the tables seating 100 at a time, and the feast of good things was enjoyed and appreciated by all. After dinner the meeting was opened by more music and song. Mr. Ryan, pastor of the Methodist church at Ypsilanti, delivered a brief address on theremarkable progress our country has made in science since the days of Washington, and was followed by Andrew Campbell and Capt. E. P. Allen on pioneer life in this county. Mrs. Findlay read a paper giving the organization and history of our county poor house, and ex-Governor Felch read an address on the early colonies established by different races and nations in this county. The committee appointed to recommend officers for the ensuing year, made their report and the following were elected: President, Erastus Sampson, of Ypsilanti. Secretary," J. Q. A. Sessions, of Ann Arbor. Treasurer, Edward Treadwell, of Ann Arbor. Nechrologist, Wm. H. Lay, of Ypsilanti. VICE-PRESIDENTS. Philip Bach, Ann Arbor city. J. J. Parshall, Ann Arbor town. Watson Barr, Augus ta. Thomas Birkett, Dexter. George Patterson, Bridgewater. Jacob Breining, Freedom. E. A. Nordman, Lima. G. S. Wood, Lodi. Thomas Young, Lyndon. J. D. Corey, Manchester. Emory E. Leiand, Northfield. George Fowler, Superior. H! Preston, Pittsfield. George S. Wheeler, Salem. Fuller Reeves, Scio. Myron Webb, Saline. C. H. Kempf, Sylvan. John J. Robison, Sharon. Isaac Seery, Webster. E. P. Allen, Ypsilanti city. A. R. Graves, Ypsilanti town. J. W. Blakeslee, York. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Linus Weever, Dexter. Nathan Sutton, Northfield. E. A. Nordman, Lima. Florus 3. Finley, Ypsilanti. W. D. Harriman, Ann Arbor. The new Methodist church in Ypsilanti was selected for the next annual meeting of the society. Of those present, seven came to this county previous to 1830; fifty previous to 1840; and sixty previous to 1S45. Mr. Hall, assisted by his wife at the piano, sang another of his beautiful and inspiring songs. Brief addresses were then made by Florus Finley, of Ypsilanti, Dennis Warner, of Dexter, and Conrad Krapf, of Ann Arbor. Resolutions were passed unanimously, thanking the people of Saline and vicinity for the bountiful dinner furnished, and the musicians for their fine music, and the meeting adjourned.


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