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Mrs. M. Bell is on the sick list. Miss Mattie Palmer spent Sunday here. More wedding bells seem to be ringing. T. Birkett visited in Ann Arbor Tuesday. Henry Fleming spent Saturday in Ann Arbor. J. Reider is e reet ing a cottage at Portage lake. Frank Judson, of Chelsea, was here Tuesday. Fred Nordman was an Ann Arbor visitor Friday. George Reade is erecting a new basement barn. J. Jedele was the guest of Ann friends Friday. G. Higgins and J. Lee spent Sunday at the lakes. Pat McCabe, of Ana Arbor, spent Wednesday here. The Butlers are at the lakes camping for a few days. Miss Carrie Fleming spent the week in Ann Arbor. P. Farnum, of Pinckney was here the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. B. Williams were at the lakes on Sunday. Andrew Hughes, of Ann Arbor, was here on Tuesd#y. Miss Cope visited her parents in Ypsilanti over Sunday. Dr. Parker made a flying trip to these parts last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. Gherarty spent Tuesday in Ann Arbor. Ed. Benedict started for New York City last Monday. Mr. E. Campbell and son visited in Pinckney on Monday. Mr. I. Dunn, of Ann Arbor, was here the last of the week. Ed. Hiscock. of Ann Arbor, was here on business Tuesday. James Gregory, of Anderson, Sundayed with his parents. J. H. Murdock has opened an ice cream parlor in our village. J. Sheehan and family, of Hamburg, were here Wednesday. J. Scheiferstein took a pleasure trip to Jackson on Wednesday. Charles Warner and wife made us a short cali one day last week. A party of young ladies from here spent Friday at Whitmore Lake. Mrs. Simpson is making great improvements on her residence. Mr. Legg, of Ann Arbor, was the guest of friends here, Thursday. Mrs. Bussau, of Jackson, is visiting her parents for a few weeks. Dr. Paige, of Chelsea, was here on business the first of the week. Mrs. T. Burns is now ready to serve ice cream at the old stand. Miss Maud Hooker is spending the summer with the Carpenters. Peter Seper shook hands with his many Ann Arbor friends, Friday. The ladies of the Baptist Church met with Miss McKee Wednesday. Mr. Heininger, of Chelsea, made his friends a pleasant cali Monday. Miss Anna Hughes entertained her friend two days the past week. Ed. Coy and wife, of Jackson, visited their parents here last week. Mr. Stein, of Scio, spent the first of the week with his brother here. . William Gregory has purchased the Michael Reid estáte, of N. Reid. The Mission Band met with Miss Nellie Keal last Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. P. Lavey entertained friends the first of the week. Mr. A. Pidd was the guest of Ypsilanti relatives the last of the week. Frank Erwin and sister Carrie visited the Misses Mowers on Sunday. -Mr, and Mrs. Donges, of Scio visited friends here the first of the week. Alfred Lavey and family enjoyed a visit from relatives the last of the week. Mr. Seery of Ann Arbor visited his uncle and family the last of the week. L. Tubbs enjoyed a visit from his brother, from Eaton Rapids, last week. David Henning, of Chicago, has been. the guest of his sister the past week. Mrs. Charles Coy, of Jackson, spent several days here the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Cranson and friend, of Webster, spent Saturday with relatives. E. Ferris and daughters entertained friends from abroad over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. O. McLain, of Scio, dined with J. Pidd and family Sunday. J. McGuinness and wife and daughter, of Pinckney, spent Tuesday here. Mrs. Stanton had the pleasure of entertaining her mother the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arnold are visitors at the World 's Fair for a few days. Mrs. Clarence Carpenter entertained her friend two days of the past week. Miss Susie Bennett has returned home, after a three months' stay in California. Mr. and Mrs. O. Vaughn entertained friends from abroad the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Chipcliase, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday with their cousins here. A number from the village attended Sunday-school at this place last Sabbath. Mrs. James Story gave an afternoon tea to a number of her friends last Monday. T. Clark and wife and son of South Putman spent Monday with friends here. Chas. Morris and wife have returned home after a week's stay at Grand Ledge. Mrs. H. Carpenter and family entertained friends from abroad the first of the week. Miss Coyle has returned to her home near Detroit after a two weeks stay with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. C. McComb are soon to leave us and become residents of Toledo, Ohio. A number from here intend going to Whitmore Lake tomorrow, Saturday, to attend the picnic. Miss McLoughlin and niece, Mrs. B. Comisky, of Northfield, visited relatives here the past week. Mrs. Dan Lyons died at her home June ii, 1893. The funeral services were held at the house on Tuesday afternoon. Children's Day was observed in the Congregational church last Sunday morning, and in the Methodist church in the evening. The remains of John McCabe were taken from the vault last Wednesday, and laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery in Dexter township. Will Taylor was on our streets one day last week, driving a fine Goldwood colt and a new top buggy. Will is a hustler and no doubt he wiil get therejust the same. The Y. P. S. C. E. will give a Scotch social at the residence of Dennis Warner tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Everybody is invited and a good time will be had. Michael Conklin died at Jackson, June 8, 1893, from injuries received while at work on the railroad in that city. His remains were brought here for burial on Saturday morning. Huron Lodge elected the following offlcers at their last meeting: Xoble Grand, Dr. Chase: vice grand, B. Culy; secretary, S. T. Morris; treasurer, L. Lee; represcntative tu Grand Lodge, T. J. Ritier. The graduating exercises of Dexter High School takes place June 23. The ciasb consits of seven girls and two boys, they are as follows: Myrtie Bostwick, Minnie Daley, Anna Lee, Alice Devine, Maggie Phelps, Agnes Pratt, Mamie Phelps, Joe Ball, and Jay