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You Must Laugh Or Idealize

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1 tüink tnat tnere are just two things, speaking in a nonreligious sense, whichare absolutely essential to a woman if she is to get comfortably through this world. They are a sense of humor and the power of idealization. I put humor first advisedly, for there are lots of things no human being living can idealize, and there is where the humor comes in. A good way to divide it is to idealize the big things and see the funny side of small ones. I know two women who were invited on a yachting trip. They were newspaper women on vacation (spent at home mending their gowns), so of course there was no money to pay car fares to the place of meeting. One of them sold a silver bracelet to buy the tickets, and they were the jolliest women on the trip. They saw the fun of the episode, and wheu the week was over they told the whole story to the party who had thought them living on assured incomes. One of those same women had such a quick sense of humor that she really grew fat on semistarvation. She used to laugh at the bad times she had. One of her best jokes related to one day on which she had not eaten a mouthful. She was invited to a theater party that night and could hardly sit through the play for anticipating the supper. She told the people bright stories so that they might not notice how much she was eating, and she said afterward she had much ado not to hide a few things in her pocket for break - fast. These are of course exceptional cases, but it helps along marvelously to see the funny side of everyday matters, especiallv one's men


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