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The Victims Of Vanity

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What is to be said of the sinful folly (the mania is apparently not confined to the young) of the rnother who put her chile into corsets at 6 years old, or of the young lady who "enjoys the feeling of tightïacinj so much" and never Iets her waist exceec 17 inches, or 15% if she has no breakfast? We are uot surprised to hear that she cannot walk. Are there really such foolish relatives as the one who insisted on a young woman redacing her waist to 17 inches, saying, "No mar; will marry a girl unless she looks smart?" These unfortunate victims of fashion sleep in their corsets and know no release night or day from the agony oi tight liganients pressing gradually on soft and growing bones. The torture of the Chinese lady's crushed toes and the disfigurement of the savage who shaves ofï her eyebrows, saws off and blacks her teeth in a mistaken search for beauty are mild discomforts compared with this prolonged and lifelong discipline. Men should be proud to think how women value their admiration and to what lengths they are prepared to go to be pronounced "smart." These young ladies are satisfied with their courage; they revel in their self sacrifice; they are the pioneers and the martyrs of progress. Of them it may truly be said, "Outof yourmouthshall yebe judged,"for it is they who have revealed the secrets of the prison house, torn the veil from their sufferings and gloried in the pain which, once conquered, becomes delicious.


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