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A Sudden Play O F Sunshine- lias warned you that the day of Winter Clothing is past. toh lúi thg faisg! The Thermometer Says: 0 HAN GE YOUR UNDERWEAR. We add: "BUY THE NEW 0F US." Tin Must Complete S Maynetof LuwPricas Unüi Stoch ín Ís a Pou'iiíFacíor ín Xnuárfior, istlw Securina YourcTrade "ii toe ojee. and Kaping U. We, liealtze This. railSUSJIEHO! Are the attractive Wash Goods we are offering. Crisp, Clean, Cool and Comfortable, Every Price. You find Coolness desirable. They will bring it to you. You desire to practice economy. The prices will enable you to. $1.49. That is our price on Navy Blue Gloria Silk Umbrellas, 26-inch Paragon Frames, natural sticks, worth fully $2.50. 20 MAIN STREET. CID One Price- That the Lowest. WALLJP We have received our Large Stock of New Sprir.g designs. Prïces Greatly Beduced. Best Papers at 5 to 6 Cts. a Roll. Heavy Whites at 7 to 8 Cts. a Roll. Fine Gilt Papers at 8 and 10 a Roll. Embossed Paper at 12 to 15 Cts. a Roll. Best Stock in the city 10 select from Good Window Shades, all complete, on spring Rollers, at 25c each. Particular attention given to Paper Hanging and Decorating. Wab'sMksbn Opp. Ccmrt House, Main Street Ann Arbor. i % r,,-i. ■ - ' :":-;ElírirnBaaranteea t. , s.. ., i ; _■■ . oí tlio aest iiaallty, o j : t-, íiiiísoever. .. 1 HEALTH IXDUCEB :' - , ■ . ■ - i .1} acJ 3!eiilciiial use For Sale at Goodyear & Co.'s, 5 S. Main Street. Kor Over Kifty Vears Mus WïBSLÖWs Soothikg Syrup has beets used for chlldren teethlng. lt soothes tbe chiltl eoftena (lio jrums, allays all pain, cure-wind eolio, and is the bost remedy for DlarriHBS. Twcniy-Hve cents a bottle. Sold by aU AroggMa thronjrhout tlie world.


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