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You have noticed that some houses always seem to need repainting ; they look dingy, rusted, faded. Others always look bright, clean, fresh. The owner of the nrst "economizes" with "cheap" mixed paints, etc; the second paints with Strictly Pure White Lead The first spends three times as much for paint in five years, and his buildings never look as well. Alraost everybody knows that good paint can only be had by using strictly pure White Lead. The difficulty is lack of care in selecting it. The following brands are strictly pure White Lead, "Old Dutch" process; they are Standard and well known- established by the test of years : "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" For any color (other than white) tint the Strictly Pure White Lead with National Lead Company's Pure White Lead Tinting Colors, and you will have the best paint that it is possible to put on a building. For sale by the most reliable dealers ia paints everywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a book containing information that may save you many a dollar ; it will only cost you & postal card to do so, NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Broadway, New York. Chicago Branch, State and Fifteentü Strcets, THE GREAT BLOOD'MD LIVER PURIFIER. Bulldsyou up to a remarkable power of endurance without medicine. The iollowing is Irom one of our best Chicaec Institutions, St. Mary's Seminary for Girls: "We bare found your ' Moxie' an excellent restorative to the weak and debilitated, and for tho benefit ol those who read this, we wish to expressthistact." ffe SISTEE3) MOXIE CURES S1CK HEADACHE. t Sold at 2Bc a botUe generally. Die Chicago Moxie Nene Food Co., CHICAGO, Ilii GET A TICKET OF W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway and you are entitled to a choice of the Bome Instructor or the Life of General Sherman o the Life oí P. T. Barnum (FREE) when cash purehase to the amount of $15 has been made THE HOME INSTRUCTOR. LARGE OCTAVO, 478 PAGES, ILLUS TRATED. A compendium of usetul know ledge neeessary for the practical uses of every day lite. A complete and perfect guide to life In public and private. THE LIFE AND DEEDSTOF W. T SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 568 PAGES, ILLUS TRA TED. A graphic narrative of his boyhoo and early Ufe, education. career in Florida and California, military achievements, life as a citizen, last sickness and death; with fine stee portra it. THE UFE OF P. T. BARNUM, THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. CROWN OCTAVO ,520 PAGES, ILLUS TRATED. His early life and strug-gles, bok ventures and brilliant guccess: his wonderfu career, hls wit, genius and eloquenee, his life as a citizen, ei e.- to which is added his famous book, The Art of Mottey Qetttng. CHEAP HOMES. %f% AAA ACKESofthebest ■JB I FarmingLandsin f I I Central Michigan ■■ j i'or sale on easy terms and long time by THE LAM, LOAN AND TITLS C0HPAÏÏ OF MT. PLEASANT. MICHIGAN, The Bestg "■ ALL SZES?Ssl 'SERVICE. M.-W -, Hot ob Cold Wvter v' i ,f U ÜNI0NÍT8 CO., {ij LJ DANIEL Hl SCOCK, 105 N. Main Street, The only dealer in ' Ey iro CÖAL. He is now receiTing large invoices of the ame, and old and new customers are rushing ör it, because they pronounce it the beBt Coa n the city. Up-town office at JOHN MOOKB'S Drug Itore, 12 E. Huron Street. MARTIN CLARK, Special Salesman, 12 E. WASHINGTON ST., ANN ARBOH. MARTIN & FISCHER. PBOPRIETORS OP ME WESTERN BREWE1ÏY, ANN" ARBOE, MICH Brewers of Pure Lasrer Beer. Children Cryfor Pitcher'8 Castorla.


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