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. a n " Hout aml Sllver Watthes, Blenles. Jl# I UNMM TrItjdcs.Gans and Fistol, Carta, QI mmm W l'fM Buggies, Wagon, l'arrlagS Ssfesi Se wlng ülsfblnrs, Atcordeoní, Organs, Planos, .Clder mili, Cash Itrawers, Peed Mills, 8toics, Itettln, Bone mili, Lttter Proisrs, Jack Serení, Trnrks, Anvlli, HajrCntten, Prm Stand, Copj Boolu, Vlwa, Drill, Rod Plo, lawn Howen, Coffee Bills, Latkes, Bendern, DnmpCarts, Corn Snellen, Hand Carta. Forgcs. Serapen,Wlrt Fence, Fannlng BUIt, Wringen, Englnes, Sawi, Stoel Slnks, train Dnmpt, Crow Ban, Boilers, Tool, Bit Sraces, Baf, Stock, Elentor, Railroad, Platform and Counter SC1LES. Scnd for free Catalogue and ee how to saTe flloney, 1S1 Bo. JeDerEon Bt., CHICAGO SCALE CO.. Cblcago, I1L but The PEERLE8Í5 ASTKM-1 rfEMEDVwill give instant rliftf. Seroand Oc&xee. óunipie jna lod irec. At drugistaor rnailedon reí siptetf prioe byThe Peeiiess SamedJ Ce, Go:jlsvillo, Hich, PIso's Eemedy for Catarrh is the ■ ■ Bese, Kaslcst to T7sc, and Cheapcst. I Sold by Drnügists or Bent by malí. I 50c. E. T. Hazeltlne, Warren, Pa. lW)NiVi SALVE IN USE I Isanbi fiFo!' Ringworm, Poison, Tel re; KgnBKn9HMM Itch, ííore Evl-s, Barber's Itch, L'lcers, Piles, !: I mrri1 1 Warrmited t care Itching Piles. LkJOl 1 V W JfiBvlnail öcont?. ALBERT BLAESS Manufacturcr of and Dealer in a'.l kinds of Hardwooá Linfe! ADDKESS: P. O. Box 1276, ANN ARBOR. TRUCK i STORáSE C. E. GODPREY. Residence and Office, 46 Fourt!; Ave., North Telephone 82. yPQVED NEBRASKA Fnrnuiiaudg for sale CHBAron lonutlme. Rnllvi. -iy Karo lioth TT:iyii Ajip!K-il n Pat. rot nis fur land to ictual buyers. For íull particularswriteor callón UNION TRUST COIWPANY, Omaha, Neb. WANTED. Quick, actire man at once. Mvxt epeaM Qciman and íurnish references. $18 PER WEEK. . The Chicago Publication and Lithograph Co, 194 Madison St, CHICAGO, ILL. wim:, herz, NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST íicüSE, SlGN, ObAWEAL ano Ff!F,8nO flANTER, gildtng, oalolmlnmir, (rlBJinif atul iamr nanur tnp. All worl; i ■tone in the bo?t (-t j-U' an3 wurmnted to irivp BatlpfüCtion.


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