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GRANDMA says it is 20 since she made such good bread as this. She says GlLLETT'S MAGIC YEA8T is ükethe yeastshe used to make herself, and she hopes she will never have to do without it again ; and we all hope so, too. Cali for t at your Grocer's. It ia slways good and always ready. WiII cure z 'I The worst cases I i Of Skin l Disease ; From a Common PimpBe On the Face To that awful " Disease % i ScrofuSa. : Try a bottle Í To-day. Send 3 2-cent stanips to A. P. Ordwy & Co., .Boston, Mass., for best medical work publisli.'ii CARTERS! f VER "Si GURE SicV Headsche and relieve all the tronóles taofdect to a bilious state of the sys tem, snoh a Dlzziness, Kausea, Crowsiness, Diatresa after eatlcg, Pain in the Side, &o. While thoirmosi lemarkable success has been shows ia cnTlBg 4 SICK Heaaache, yet Oarter's Llttlo Llver Flus SIC oqnally valuable in Oonstipation, curingand pra Tentingthisannoyinccomplatnt, while theyals -correct all diaordors of thestomachf8timulatetha üvcr and regúlate Iho bo wals. EvoniitheyonlJ Aclitheywouldbealmostpricelesstothosewha ■Btiier from thisdistressing complaint; butfortunately theirgoodnoss doos notend hore.and thosa who once try themwill find these little pilla valu- ablelnsomany ways that they will not ba willing todo without them. But af ter all sick hea4 ACHE fis the tana of so many Uves that here is whera we make our great boast. Our pilla cure it wliila Others do not. Carte'r'a Litóle Liver P1113 are very small and very easy to take. One or two pilla make a doso. They are striotly vegetable and do not gripa or purge, butby üieir gentle action pleaseali who tisethm. Invlalsat25centa; fivefor$l. Sola ty druggists everywliere, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL, SMALL POSE. SMALL PRICE FapïirafffoFüo A Sinooth Fence tliat Will Turn Any Kind of Stock I The Bestand Cbeapest Feiu't' lor the Farm. Made in sizea from 24 to BS lnoh(?8 Wg), either iralvanized or paiuted Cali andExamíae It And yon wil! buv uo.ü1l'ír.M. STAEBLEB, , Aan Arbor. LÏKDS FOR SALE . Bu the lllinnix Central R. R. Co., at Uw prices i(i on easy term, in Southern llUnoii. The best farm country In the worlil for either larsre or sniull farms, tfiirdeus, frults, in-chards, dniryin?, ptook or slieep. A Kreater varJoty of cropa, vith a groater urofit, eau be grown on a less amount of laiul in this country than can be raised in any other portion of this State. Special inducenients and facilities otfored by the Illinois Central Kailroad Company to p-o and examine these lands. For l'ull desoriptionl and map and any Information, addvess or cal npon E. P. SKRNK, Land Commisiioner I. O. K. Co.. 78 Miuhijfan Ave., Chicago, 111.


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