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The following program for commencement which appeared in last week's Argus, is repeated for the convenience of our readers: SATÜRDAY, JUNE 24. 9 a. nr- Examiuation of candidatos for admlssion to the department of literature, science and the arts. dUNDAY, JUNE 25. 8 p. m.- In University Hall. Discourse to he graduatlng class by President Angelí. MONDA Y, JUNE 26. 9 a. m.- Examination of candidates for adniission to the department) of Uteratnre, science and the arts. - ( 2 p. m.- Meeting of the Board of Regents. CLASS DAY-DEPARTMF.NT OF LAW. 10 a. m.- In University Hall. Address by he class president, Albert Webb Jefferies. Cllass history by Charles Knox Friedrnan. Class poem by Charles Edward Dedriek. Oraion by James William Good, B, S. Proph■oy by Avthur K. Hitchcock. Valedictory y Miltou Johnson. TUESDAY, JL'XE 27. Class day. department of literature, science and the arts. 10 a. m.- In University Hall. Oration by Sherman Clark Spltzer. Poem by Arthur Harold Holmes. 2 p. m.- Under tlie Tappan Oak. Class history by Jennie Eddy. Prophecy by Maude Benjamin Bedell. Address by class president, Hadley Baldwm. 8:30 p. m.- Class reception in the gymnasum. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8-ALÜHNI DAY. Department of literature science and the arts. Special réunious of classes. 2 p. m.- In thechapel. Business meeting of the society of the alumni. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND GEEY. lia. m. --Medical College, lower lecture room. Business meeting of the Alumni Assoeiation. iddress by Prof. James Nelson Martin, Ph. D., M. D., '83, of Ann Arbor. I p. m.- Banquet DEPARTMENT OF LAW. II a. m.- Law building, room 12. Business meeting. ■2 p. m.- In Unlversfty Hall. Address by Hon. Lawrence Maxwell, Jr., of Washington, D. 0. COLLEGE OF DENTAL SUEGEKY. :: p. m.- Bental Business meeting of the alumni assoeiation. 7::ii) p. in.- Conimenoemcnt concert in I'niversítyHáil. SÈNATE KECEPTIOX. s p. m.- In the ehapel. Univetsity Senate ■ Ion for graduates, former students and rienda of Wie Uuiversiiy. THL'KSDAi", JÜNE 29. The lrt.Y-ei'-:aUrannual eommencement. 'J. a. m.- The prpoèssion will form in trontof hehiw buildinu. 10 a. m.- In Universlty Hall. Commenceïu-nt exeieisos. Oratiou by Charles Dudley Warner. L.L. D.. of Hartford, Ct, Confer■iii!; of degrees. At the close of the in Univerr-ity Hall the prooession will form agaio under the llreotion of Harrison Soule, chlef mar-hal, and will proceed to the C'onimencenK'nt dinïer, whieh wül be served iu the law lecture room.


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