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"Willis will have a brass band. Manchester has a newly organized brass band. Saline put $800 of her liquor tax into the street fund. Rev. Mr. Miller will preach at the Baptist church in Manchester. Tecumseh is talking of following Milan's lead and organizing a bicycle club. Mansfield Davenport, of York, feil from a ladder recently and severed one of the arteries in his wrist. He was taken to Milan for repairs. Fowlerville has decided that she doesn't want to spend $6,000 for fire protection. The majority of the voters thought that too much to pav_ The graduating class of the Saline school this year numbers seven, the members being Fred H. Clarke, Maud D. Freis, May V. Hurd, Burt D. Hammond, Donna Weissinger, Henry Williams, and Allen F. Wood. The commencement exercises were held yesterday. On Monday we were called by Mr. D. Nissly to his potato garden to witness the work of a new variety of bugs that are stripping the vines of their leaves very rapidly. They are a small dark-red bug, with black and yellow stripes extending only about one-half the length of the back, in size are not larger than a kernel of buckwheat, have a hard coating or shell, many legs, and keen eyes. In their nature they are not logy but are very active, are easily frightened, will often run when you appear in sight, a slight shake will jar them from the vines, but it takes but a few seconds for them to piek themselves up and climb on again. Paris green they heed but


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