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Mr. Joseph Hemmerich An oíd soldier, carne out of the War greatly enfeebled by Typboid Fever, and af ter belng In Tarious hospitals the doctors discharged him as incurable with Conramption. He has been in poor health since, until he began to tak Hood's Sarsaparilla Immediately hia cough grew looser, nlght sweats cea3ed, and he regained good general health. He cordtally recommends Hood's Sarsaparilla, especially to corarades in the G. A. R. HOOD'S PlLLS cure Habitual Constlpatton bj xettoring peristaltic action oí the alimenta!? canal. MgmHHThequiltinK party and the V starre coach are played■ A nilll T MAIlEBout. The telephone and P IUU.I nHUCBDilvia Kannly Qullting I iki m iimiA H -Mïicbint.1 urf: modern neIH 3 HOURS. ■ cessities. MyQulltlnMa"" ■ chine is a new and valuaU9 WmUI H ble attacimient for all sewing machines. Oue lady (not6 or 9) can make a quiltin Shours; alsoquilt children's eloaks; dressllnings, etc. Send $S.OO and I will send you a machine by flrst expresa. Agenta wanted everywbere. Forcirculars and full Information address HSNKY T. DAVIS, 30 W. Kandolph St., Chicago CLEVELAND and HAKKISON OF SAME OPINIÓN rtmttheE.L O'CONNOR CO. can make the lame, witb short legs, from t to 10 inehes, look like other people; wear shoes alike. No clumsy oork or iron. Send for price. I6T-1B9 Wabash Avenue Chica III. Health isWealth! Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and BrainThreat mum, a yuaranteed speclflc for Hysteria, Dizziness. Convulsiona, Kits, Nervous Neuralgia, Headaehe, Nervous Prostration eaused by the use of alcohol or tobáceo. Wakefulness, Mental peprtsslon, Softening ot' the Brain resulting in insanity and leading to raisery, decay and death. Premature Oíd Age, Barrenuess, Loss of Power in either sex, lnvoluntary Losses and Spermatorrho3a eaused by oyer-exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over-indulgence. Each box contains one month's treatmeni. il. 00 a box, or six boxes tor $-5.00, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. WEGUAK VXTEE SIX BOXES Tocure any cuse. Wlth eaoh order received by ua forëix boxes. accornpanied wlth ïö.00, we v. Il send the purchaer our written guarantee to ref und the money if the treatmeut does not effect a cure. Guarantees isued only by Eberbach c Son, Druggists, Solé Agenta, Aun Arbor, Micii. $500 Eeward! WK will pay the ah.we reward for any case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headaehe, Indigestión, Constipation or (Jostiveness we cannot cure with West's Ve-etable Liyer Pilis, when the directions are strictly complied with. The are purely Vegetable, aud never fail to give8atisfaction. SugarCoated. Large boxes, containing 30 Pilis, 25 "cents. Beware of counterfeits and imitations. The genuine manufaetured onlv by THE JOHN' C. WEST COMPANT, CHICAGO, 1LL. For sale by all druggists. Ann Strekt. CKOICEST CÜTS OF STEAKS. All kinds of MEATS AND SAUS AGES. Freeh lari aiwitys ín stook. Poultry in seasrn iiTsiiír mm, mm ANK FLGUS AHO FESG STSRe, We keep couénstiy Oti riAiv; dREAO, CflACKERS, CAKES, &c. Fox VTbcltja-iit"; ReuUi Traae. Wja sha.!! also kecj u. supply ot GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. M. Swift & Co.'h Beat White Wheat Flour, Bye Flour. Buekwheat Flour, Corn Hffeal, .(ed, &c, &c, &c, At' Wholesale zná Retail. A general stock ot lüOCERISS AND ?B0VISI0NS -'(instantly on hand, which wül he sold on as reasonable term as at any other house in the city. t3pCash paid tor Batter, Ky:c and Country Produce (ïenerailv. f&T'GoQds Deiivercd to any partot the city wfih nut extra ch;u-tc. Kizihoy & Soiibolt. IN VIT ATION ! World' s Tair. We wish every Intendnis visilor to the Colutnbian Exposition to be sure and see tho Reliable Carpenter Faftory: Brattleboro, Vt. Hisliest quality. Greatest In tlic raeantime write for catalogue and terms, or betterstill, cali at tneWeslern ? warerooms. We wlU be (fiad to see you. J. HOWARD FOOTE, Gen. Western Agent, 07-309 Wabash Ave., - CHICAGO, ILL.


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