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"It haa cured others and wil] cure you" is true only of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. The motto suits the medicine and the medicine the motto. What better assurance could you have that a remedy will cure you, than the fact that it has cured such multitudes of others. An Exciting Scène in Detroit Over the Arrival of the $360,000 Clothing Stock. Receive! at the CMcago Banfrupt Clotlilng Co, No. 4 Monroe Avenue. Tha Great Sacrifica Sale Bsgins this Wsek. There was a wild time at the Chicago Bankrupt Clothing Co.'s store, No. 4, Monroe avenue, yesterday. People went frantic at the sight of the clothing bargains offered. Yesterday the new and immense $360,000 stock of the latest and most fashionable clothing and furnishings for men and boys reached town. It was the whole output of a Chicago Wholesale firm, who recently became insolvent, and every article of stock was purchased by the Chicago Bankrupt Clothing Co. at less price than the goods cost to manufacture. Today this extensive line of elegant clothing and furnishings will be offered for sale. It is a corking leader and never had a parallel in the clothing annals of this city. Not one article could be duplicated at any store for less than doublé the prices nffpreA by us. The goods must be sold absolutely without reserve. The rush began this morning. If you 'vnt to aret one of the astounding barpains co"ie in early. Just examine a few of the prices we MEN'S CLOTHING DEPARTMENT. Y2.65 buys a good working suit, worth $7; $L.53 buys a nice business suit, worth $9; 700 elegant dress suits in Scotch tweeds, cheviots and cassimeres, In single and double-hreasted sacks and cutaways at $5.15; these suits were formerly sold from $12 to $1S; $9.85 buys an English clay worsted. Prince Albert or cutaway f rock suit; the suits are dead cheap at Í24; 49c buys a raan's good working pants, worth $1.25; 98c buys a nice business pants, worth $2.50; 1,000 pairs fine dress nants in fancy striped worsted and fine check eassimeres, ?2.9S; these pants cost to make from $5 to $7. VS' AND CHILDE.E'N'S DEP'T. Boys' !ons pant suits, $2.58, worth $7; boys' lonsr pant dress suits, $3.65, worth $9; children's knee pant suits, 84c, worth S2; children's dress suits in cassimeres, Wnrsterts and cheviots, doublé and single breasted, K.V,. worth $5; children's knee pants. 16c, worth 40c: children's dress knee pants, 39c. worth $1; children's shirt waists, 16c, worth 40c; 500 children's fine dress waïsts, 27c, worth 75c. GENT'S FURNISHXNG GOODS DEPARTMENT. 200 doz. lightweight underwear, 25c, worth 150 doz. fine balbriggan underwear, 38c, bargains at 75c; 300 doz. laundrted white shirts. 49c, worth $1; 100 doz. socks, 5C geven pairs for 2"c; 200 doz. fine dress socks, lic, worth 33c; 400 doz. working shirts, 2-ïc. worth 50c; 150 doz. fine negligee shirts. 36c, bis; bareains at $1; 100 doz. 4-ply linen collars. 5c; 200 doz. suspenders. 10c, worth 35c; men's fine stiff and soft hats, latest styles, from 45c to $1.75, great bargains at from $1.50 to $4. There are scores of other bargains throughout this department. Don't forget the number, 4 Monroe avenue, opposite the City Hall. Chicago Bankrupt Clothing Company. Store open for accommodation of workmen until 9 every evening. _ The company makes this special offer to parties living out of the city, namely: To every purchaser to the amount of $12 in clothing or furnishing goods, his or her railroad fare will be paid one way, and to the purchasers of $18 or over, fare will be paid both ways. Cut out the notice, bring it with you, and after you have made your purchase, present it to the manager, and your car fare will ba deducted. r M'CARTHT, Manager. JYo Woman is beautiful with a bad skin, covered with pimples, freckles, moth, or tan. 1 have been asked many times wliat will remove these unsightly blemislies. No face paints or powders will remove them, as they are caused by impnre blood. The only sure remedy I have ever seen is Siilphur Bitters, ind in hundreds of cases 1 have never known 'hem to fail. - Editress Fashion Qazette.


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