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The city must do something quickly to di...

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The city must do something quickly to dispose of the garbage which was formerly collected by owners of pigs, but which since the passage of the ordinance removing pigs from the Corporation has proven a source of great discomfort to housekeepers and, allowed to fester in the hot sun, proves much more deleterious to health than the pigs proved. It will not answer to collect the garbage of a few of the larger boarding houses as has been done. This is an unjust discrimination against those who do not keep boardfng houses. The ordinance against pigs should be repealed at once or provisión for city scavengers should be made. As usual the Register froths át the mouth over a saloon ordinance and denounces the Council as voting for disorder, etc, and in fact comes as near swearing as so highly a moral paper could come. Now we do not desire to pose as defending the council, but the reform mayor must come in for his share of the blame. If it had not been distinctly understood that Mayor Thompson had a hand in drafting the proposed ordinance and framed the extra half hour during July, August and September, the ordinance in question would never have been passed. The mayor may veto the ordinance, but if he does it will look very much as if he failed to know his own mind and wanted the Register and Aid. Prettyman's backing to furnish him stamina. We don't take the mayor for that kind of a man. The Register claims the credit of having elected him. If its claim is correct, it thus becomes responsible indirectly for that extra half hour,


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