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Editor Argus: For the benefit of tile inquirin}: patrons of the Students' Lecture Association and of the public in general, the board of di rectors of said association desire to corrrct a false impression that has been held by The statement, for which pèrhaps the reporters of the press are rssponsible, has been made that the chaitered Students' Lecture Associat on is composed entirely of members of the law department. The truth of the matter is that said association prises not only the whole of the law department, but also the whole of the medical and dental departments, together with a large part of the literary department. This fact thus exposes the truth that the opposition, the No-name Combine, is composed of only a part of the literary department, or in other words, of the so-called "Griffin Faction." As has been before state d by the press, the Studente' Lecture Association has been incorporated under the laws of Michigan, a thing which should have been done long ago; lor, being thus incorporated, the issociation is made a responsible body capable of carrying on business, as any other incorporation, and thereby being enabled to furnish to the public a course of entertainments of the highest rank. The acting board of directors have labored diligently to get the business for the ensuing year upon a firm basis, and steps have been taken toward procuring for next year's course such men as Benjamin F. Harrison, David B. HUI, and the famous Snanish orator, Emilio Cas telar. In the line of music at least two of the best concert companies obtainable will be included. The board have also decided upon a new feature, which will probably be of interest to the public. Instead of limiting the course of lectures to Ann Arbor, as has been done in the past, there will also be given next vear a course of lectures in Grand Ranids and other large cities in Michigan, and there is strong probibility that the association will be incorporated under the laws of ühio, and a course be also given in the large cities of that state. It is evident that under such a plan it will be possible to secure the greatest talent and give our patrons the benefit of a rare intellectual treat. The board of trustees, acting in capacity of the Students' Lecture Association, are endeavoring to make it an association of which the outside world as well as the students and citizens of Ann Arbor may be iustly proud.


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