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IS YOUR BLOOD IMPURE ? Are you sufferingf from any Kidney Or Female Complaint? Have you a Cough, Cold or any disease of Throat, Chest or Lungs ? Is your Llver performing its functlons properly? If you have any of these complaints it will certainly pay you to try the medicines mentioned below, which are warranted. A REMARKABLE CURE . uessks. foleï & co., chicado. üiiic arsaparilla Gentlemen :- I had a scroívúous taint of the blood from childhood. An ulcer began on the side of the nose, having all the appearauces of a The mOSt DOWenul BlOOu most malignant cáncer, became about the size of a silver dollar and ezuded a thin, otfensive matCleaflSer. ter. The agony of mind I sutt'ered cannot be described as I contemplated the progress of the disease. I was induced to try the Clinic Sarsaparilla ; it appeared to neutralizo the poison in the ". IS ' , " blood, the ulcer ceased. The diseased tissues I Tcf tvlinif IV ïilflPV lllFíí i in the bottom and edges of the sore seemed to C V" ÏVIUIICJ VU1C , loosen and the natural flesh to take its place. Thus the cure continued until an even surface W-arran+pH -fnr il! JiirinA? remained. No part of the disease remains. Warranteü IOr all MuTiey MBS. H. B. ADAMS, rnmnlüintc 1609 Wabash Ave., Chicago. lOITipiaintS. SUFFERED 27 YEARS. ' Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchant of Tampico, 111.,, August lüth, 1891 : 1 , , 1- I T. messbs. foLey & co. holeys rloney and ar Gentlemen : -Your Kidney Cure is meeting " with wonderful success. It has cured some C MtcrYt irl1ir cases here that physicians pronounced incurVUUgll Ojl UJ able. I, myself, am able to testify to its merits. My face to-day is a living picture of health, and ... , , ,, D.o. your Kidney Cure has made it such. I had sufWarranted the best. fered twenty-seven years witn the disease, and to-day I feel ten years younger than I did one year ago. I can obtain some wonderful certificates of its medical qualities. what a phisician says. Foley's Family Pilis Agnew, Ottawa Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1893. FOLEY & CO., Chicago. c„_ Cnr,c-Hi+inn lAanA Gentlemen:- Pleasesend me six dozen Honey ' Or OnSIipatlOn, neduand Tar at once. I will say that within the h „„ j RiiinncnAcc past two months I have had three or four cases aCne and tSlllOUSneSS. of Pneumonía, in all of which I have nsed your n... „,.+ „,;M Honey and Tar with the gratifying success. UOCb HUI gnpc. Yours truly, .T. C. Bishop, M. D. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THESE SPLENOID MEDICINES. These medicñ.es are for sale by the following first-class firms who are authorized to recommend and guarantee li; Bassett & Masou, Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Maucliester, Kobert H. Killian, Ypsilanti, Will Curlett, Iexter, S. I. Ohapii. Salem, C. F. Unterkircher, Saline, F. VV. Schoen, Maucüester, BI. S. Davenport, York, J. W Abbott. Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fultou, H. W. Ballarri. Willis, Dodge & Son. Whitmoie Lake. G. L. Frye & Co., Emery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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