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Masón, June 16. - Masón is greatly ■excited over the suicide of Mrs. Ed Curry and of the subsequent attempt of her husband to follow suit. Mrs. Curry has been takinjj morphine for the "grip" or some other slig-ht ailment, and it is thought that she embraced the opportunity aft'órded by the presence of the poison to put herself out of the way. She died in the early afternoon Wednesday. The husband seemed to be distracted over the death of his wife, but no one thought that he would take any desperate steps. Shortly after 6 o'clock Wednesday night he was found in an unconscious condition and apparently dead. He had taken two grains of morphine, much more than an ordinary dose. The doctors were called at once and efforts were made to resuscitate Mr. Curry. All nig-ht long two men walked him around the house, ■-tryinsr to awake him out of his stupor, but with comparatively little success. This morning he was still under the influence of the opiate. Mrs. Curry's suicide is attributed to domestic troubles. For a lonjj time her husband is said to have paid marked attentions to Mrs. McBride, who is the wife of a carriagetnaker, and in the fall the two were arrested on a charge of adultery. Mrs. McBride was confined in the jail awaiting trial, but finally procured bail. On the day the trial was to coma off the complainant, Mr. McBride, failed to appear, and the woman was released. Since the trial Mrs. Curry has showed signsof continued jealousy, and it is believed this 'ed to her death.


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