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J. R. Bowdish is visiting in Muskegon. Mrs, Austin Wood is visiting in Chicago. Mrs. E. A. Rathbone is back from Georgia. Miss Mary Dickey leaves for Marshall tomorrow. C. W. Mellor is taking a bicycle trip through Indiana. Andrew T. Hughes, Register of Deeds, spent Sunday in Detroit. Chas. A. Kaichen, of Detroit, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mrs. D. L. Godfrey and Miss F. Gillette left Monday for Chicago. Samuel Krause is spending several days this week at Grand Rapids. Mrs. B. St. James returned from a week's visit in Detroit on Monday. Rev. George Kern, of Jackson, is visiting the family of John Goetz, sr. E. B. Pond went to Adrián Tuesday to attend the funeral of a neice. Mrs. Geo. A. Douglass returned on Saturday from a visit at Orchard Lake. Mr. and Mrs.. A. H. Roys and daughter have returned from Chicago. Judge and Mrs. N. W. Cheever gave a very pleasant reception last evening. Mrs Charles Stabler and daughter left for Omaha, Wednesday, to spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Corr returned Monday from a visit to Detroit relatives. Rev. Henry Tatlock and Judge E. D. Kinne lef f for Chicago, Tuesday afternoon. E. J. Knowlton and daughter, Mrs. W. T. Whedon, left for Chicago, Monday. Justice N. G. Butts has returned from an enjoyable three weeks' visit at the World'sFair. Arthur Whitlark, of Washington, D. C, is visiting relatives in this vicinity for a month. Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Jacobs, of Chicago, are visiting their mother, Mrs. Margaret Storm. C. Eberbach has had his nephew, Jacob Reimold, of Salina, Kansas, as his guest this week. Mrs. J. H. Grant, of Manistee, v.hj has been visiting friends here, returned home Tuesday. Mrs. Charles B. Davison and daughter, Miss Nina Davison left for Chicago, Wednesday. Mrs. Harry W. Hawley, of Denver, Col., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Mack. On Monday, Ottmar Eberbach left for Star Island to attend a meeting of the State Board of Pharmacy. Miss Jennie Phillips, of London, Ont., is visiting her brother, Robert Phillips, of the State Savings Bank. Geo. E. Moore, formerly pressman of the Register office, and now of Port Huron, is visiting relatives in the city. Miss Maggie Cavanaugh, who has been teaching at Seney, U. P., has been visiting her brother, M. J. Cavanaugh. S. S. Blitz returned, Friday, from Arizona and New Mexico. Mr. Blitz expects to lócate in the Masa valley, Arizona. Miss Mary A. McMahon, of San Francisco, Cal., a former Ann Arbor resident, has been visiting friends here this week. Mrs. Jennie Roberts, of Chicago, arrived in Ann Arbor, Saturday, and will spend the summer with her sister, Miss Mate Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palen, and daughters, of Rockland, N. Y., have been visiting their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Beakes. Miss Fannie Davis, of Omaha, Neb., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. W. Sweet, left Saturday for Elyria, Ohio. Miss Mary J. Polhemus closed a very successful term of school last Friday, June 16, with a picnic in Smith's grove, at Whitmore Lake. Mrs. J. W. Drake, of 18W. Summit street, is in Lansing looking after an eight pound grand-child, the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Me Millan. Mrs. E. L. Drake, nee Miss Nettie Gregg, who has been visiting her relatives here, has gone to Chicago to join her husband and view the World's Fair. Ed. Worden, an oíd Ann Arbor boy who is now a successful business man of San Francisco, Cal., has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Worden, this week. Mrs. Burkhart and daughter Amanda, Mrs. Laubengayer, of Lodi; Miss E. Wagner, Miss Ida Zahn, Miss Sarah Kuehnle and Miss Clara Bross, of Scio; Mrs. Bissinger, Mrs. Jence, Miss Helen Bissinger and Mrs. Schmidt, of Ann Arbor; left Monday to visit the World's Fair. Mrs. J. B. Heiier and Miss Minnie j Heiier, of Jackson have been ■ ing Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Jenkins. j Fred Irland, the celebrated stenographer, of Washington, I. C, has been visiting his mother in the city. Miss Fannie Kahn, of Detroit, is the guest of Mrs. S. S. Blitz and will remain during commencement week. Ross Granger attended the convention of the National Association of Masters of Dancing, held at Chicago last week, and reports" a very successful meeting. Mr. Granger also visited Petoskey and completed arrangements to act as master of ceremonies at the Arlington Hotel. Those who attend the parties there will certainly be well entertained this summer.


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