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Three Houses Burned Last Evening

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Anti Arbor had its biggest fire in :he past four years last evening. In :act the loss was as large as the total fire losses in the city for the past :en years. Three new dwelling iouses were burned to the ground. Two of these houses belonged to A. W. Hamilton, and the other to Dr. J. L. Rose. They were situUed on South State street, on the Hamilton, Rose & Sheehan addition, and were occupied by RevPhilip Farnum, Mrs. Susan Fisher, and Rev. Joel Kennedy. The fire started in the barn on the place occupied by Rev. Mr. Farnum, and it is not known in just what manner. Some people think it was fire crackers which originated it, and others think some of the workmen on the new society house adjoining may lave been smoking there. The fire lad obtained a good start before the alarm could be sent in, as the person sending it had some distance to go to get to a telephone. The run down was made in good time, though South State street had been so lieavily graveled as to make it difiïcult. But the united hose carried in both wagons was insufficient to reach the nearest hydrant to the fire, and a second trip to the engine house had to be made for more hose. The nearest hydrant was on the corner of State and Packard streets, and a line of 2,600 feet of hose was finally laid. But the water pressure was found to be insufficient for this long line of hose. The pressure at this hydrant is said to be twenty-six pounds, which would be a sufficiently strong pressure for only 500 feet of hose. When the fire company was finally able to obtain water, the first house was entirely enveloped in Hames. The three houses were quickly consumed, the department making the best fight possible under the circumstances. They succeeded in saving the adjoining house of John V. Sheehan. Rev. Mr. Farnum and Mrs. Fisher lost nearly everything. Mr. Farnum's loss was 1,500. His is not sure as to whether he has insurance or not. Mrs. Fisher lost 1,200. Sio insurance. Rev. Joel Kennedy ost $500, fully insnred. A. W. Hamilton's loss was $6,500, of which $4,000 was on one house and $2,500 on the other. Insured'for $3,500. Dr. J, L. Rose's loss was $2,650, insured for $1,800. The total loss was $12,350. Mr. Hamilton stated this morning that they will rebuild the houses at once.


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