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Regular Horticultural Meeting

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The June meeting of the "Washtenaw fïorticultural Society, held last Saturday, diseussed strawberries, fruit prosaects and trausportation. Jacob Gauziorn exhibited the Michel's early strawDerry, which he considered valuable on account of its season, being about three days earlier than Crescent, though not as good a yielder. The Veny possessea the merits of a good color, fair size and uniform shape. lts flowers are staminate, thus enabling it to be used as a fertilizar for the pistillate sorts. The sfcrawberry erop this season had been a good one and brought fair prices. The prospects for other small fruits were considered good. Raspberries, blackberries and grapes are now in flne condition and if druoght does not cut short the berries, or black rot the grapes a full erop is assured. Cherries are a light erop. Large fruits do not promise (luiteso well as early in the season. Winter apples blossomed sparingly and will be a very light erop. Peaches are doing well, though in some orchards certain varieties faïled to set as well as was expected. Plums generalIr blossomed well, but set only a light erop ou account of the wet weather. B. G. Buell reported that most varieties of pears had blossomed and set well, though the Flemish Beauty failed to blossom, and the Anjou blossomed full but did not set. A. A. Crozier reported that the new Canrott raspberry, though making rather a light growth last f all, was growing tinely this seasou and promised a large erop. Prof. J. B. Steere said that the outlook for celery was all right. He is putting iu thirty acres this year and expects to increase the areato one hundred acres next year. The land is all pure muck, three to five feet deep, resting ou clay and is drained by open ditches and irrigated by artesian wells, sunk to a depth of froni twenty to tliirty feet. New plantations of fruit were reported in good condition, except where the tree and planta were damaged by delayed shipmeuts. Strawberry plants in particular were Hable to be injured if shipped froni u distance. The trausportation question was diseussed at length and the general conclusión reached that no agent of the Society was necessary in Detroit to receive the fruit. B. J. Courad was appointed comuiittee on transportaron for the season. ■ The Secretary exhibited samples of splint baskets of varioua aizea and excellent quality made by Wesley Lewis, of Duhdee. The next meeting will be held on the first Saturday in August.


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