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The Dexter creamery is booming. Mrs. Butler is sojourning in Ohio. Mr. Conrad spent Wednesday in Ann Arbor. C. Bell was a Pinckney visitor on Wednesday. C. Miller and son spent Sunday at the lakes. John Curtis, of Webster, spent Thursday here. C. Valentine has returned from the White City. Farmers in and about this section are busy haying. Mr. Schmidt visited relatives in Saline on Monday. Mr. Robbins was in Livingston 'countyon Monday. Jake Schaberly was in Ann Arbor on business, Friday. J. Hadley, of Lyndon, visited relatives here, Tuesday. B. Whitaker has been spending the week in Pinckney. Mr! Ed. Croarkin and wife spent Saturday at the lakes. John Ledwedge was in Ann Arbor on business, Saturday. Mr. Nick Reid aiid sister spent Wednesday in Chelsèa. Miss Carrie Taylor visited friends in Pinckney, Tuesday. P. Welsh, of Pinckney, visited relatives here last week. Mr. E. Mann, of Pinckney, was here on business, Friday. Charles Shoen was in Pinckney on business, Wednesday. L. Flintoft entertained his brother from Hamburg on Sunday. O. A. Vaughn is making great improvements on his place. C. L. Sigler, of Pinckney, made us a short cali on Monday. Mr. Wm. Hoff, of Pinckney, visited friends here last week. Frank Smith, of Pinckney, made us a pleasant cali, Monday. Mr. Campbell and family visited relatives in Dexter, Sunday. Mrs. John Pidd visited Mrs. O. McLain the first of the week. Fred Blade, of Pettysville, was with his sister the past week. Frank Dunlavey, of Ann Arbor, was here the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Harris spent the last of the week at Silver Lake. Mrs. Hoey and Miss Hoey spent Friday with Ann Arbor friends. Jesse Henry, of Hamburg, spent several days here the past week. Sampson Parker made his Ann Arbor friends a visit on Friday. Mr. P. McCabe, of Ann Arbor, called on relatives here, Friday. Mr. Jackson, of Pinckney, made us a short cali the last of the week. Mr. and Mrs. J. Rowe, of Webster, visited friends here on Friday. Mr. Roberts, of Ann Arbor, spent several days of the past week here. Dr. Taylor made his friends in Ann Arbor a pleasant visit, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bennett are entertaining friends from Chicago. John Lavey was here with his arother several days the past week. J. Jedele attended the funeral of a friend in Scio one day last week. Mrs. Mains' house on Ann Arbor street is undergoing paint and brush. Charles Farrel and Charles Schoen iost horses by lightning last week. Mr. Kraashar spent the last of the week with his daughter in Ann Arbor. Frank Erwin and sister, Miss Carrie, visited in Hamburg on Friday. Mrs. Elassaer, of Lodi Center, is spending a few days. with her parents. Dan. Sackett is remodeling Mr. Jackson's house on the Pinckney road. Miss Minnie Green entertained friends from abroad the last of the week. Calvin Lucas, of Ann Arbor, visited his parents here the last of the week. Miss Carrie Fleming was theguest of Miss Vaughn, of Ann Arbor, last week. Mr. Vanhorn, of Hamburg, made a short cali here the first of the week. Mr„ and Mrs. Bentz and daughter were with Ann Arbor relatives last week. Miss Bertha Spooner has returned home after several days stay in Detroit. S. Thurston and family entertained friends from abroad over Sunday. Miss Libbie O'Neil entertained friends from Ann Árbor the last of the week. Mrs. D. Crossley, of Stockbridge, spent the last of the week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hopkins entertained friends from Detroit the past week. Miss Gertie Carpenter spent Tuesday with her grandparents at Pettysville. Miss Alice Andrews, of Ann Arbor, spent the last of the week with her parents. Miss Wright, of Pinckney, was the guest of her friend here the last of the week. Miss Frankie Rockwell, of Foster's, was the guest of friends here over Sunday. Miss TeressaPidd entertained her friends, Miss Ryan and Miss Ferguson, on Friday. Ernest Stanton and wife, of Webster, made a short cali oñ his sister last Wednesday. Mrs. Blade, of Pettysville, spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Carpenter. Mrs. Carrie Seper left Wednesday morning for Chicago, where she will spend a few weeks. J. S. Pacey has painted his house in the village, and also his buildings on his farm in Lima. C. Alley and S. Davis were in Detroit the first of the week, purchasing summer goods. Mr. J. Croarkin and wife are enjoying a visit from their daughter and family, of Corunna. Omar Nordman and family spent the last of the week with relatives in Ypsilanti and Geddes. Miss Maud Buchanan will have charge of the third primary in Dexter high school next year. Mrs. T. Stanton has been entertaining her brother from Jamestown, N. Y., the past week. Charles Farrel, of this place, was among the graduates at the Ann Arbor high school last Friday. Prof. O. L. Waller, of Washington, has been shaking hands with old friends here the past week. W. Reason, of Lansing, and G. Reason and son. of Pinckney, were at the lakes the first of the week. Thomas Eagle, formerly of this place, but now of Ann Arbor, has taken a share in a feed barn in that city. W. Taylor, accompanied by his brother and sister, spent Sunday with their grandparents in Northfield. Thomas Dolan, Gottlieb Andrews and Thomas Rabbit have returned home after a ten days' stay in Chicago. Mrs. S. Taylor, after spending a few months with her brothers at Stockbridge, has returned ïo her home. A number from here attended the strawberry and ice-cream festival at William Scadin's, of Webster, on Friday. Twin Brothers gave a free entertainment at the M. E. church last Satnrday evening, which was well attended. Mrs. Michael Hoey and children, of Chicago, have come to spend the summer with her mother, Mrs. A. Gallagher. H. W. Newkirk and family have taken up their residence in Dexter, living in the house recently vacated by John Gregory. A number from here took advantage of the cheap rates on the railroad, last Monday, to visit Forepaugh's show in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith, of Chubbs Corners, passed through here, Saturday, on their way to Ann Arbor to visit his sisters in that city. Mr. William H. Butler, of this place, and Miss Flossie Quick, of Detroit, were married at the home of the bride's parents in that city, June 14, 1893. Married, June 21, 1893, Mr. Jacob Jedele, of this place, and Mrs. Schenk, of Ann Arbor. A reception was held at his residence on Wednesday evening. May much happiness attend them through life is the wish of their many friends.


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