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[Seton Hall College, CATHOLIC. South Orange New Jersey. Unsurpassed for healthiulness of location eleganee of buildings, general equipment and excellence of instruction. FOUNDED 1856. Send for prospectus and book of puotographic views. REV. WM. F. MARSHALL, Presideut. riDMS cheap IV K IWI " 20.000 ACRES et ■ ; ■h U I I ■■■ class MICHIGAN I ■ landsnear railroads, in Alcona, ■ Alpena and Montmorency connties; soil, rich clay and gravel loaras; B hardwood tioiber; well watered by and living streams; near churches, schools and livelytowns. Price, $3 to 15 per acre. Easy terms. Perfect titles. T. S. SPRAGUE, 818 Hammond Bld'n, Detroit. Mich FOUND AT LAST! Eureka Rug. Rugs and Mats from oíd Carnets. Save your old Ingrain, Tapestry and Brussels Carpet6. Any size of made from 54 to 3 yard wide and of any length. Price 76 cents and upward per Rug, completo with fringe. L. M. PETERS, Carpet Cleaning & Rug Manufacturing Co. 547 Clinton Ave., Detroit. Send for Circulare. An Ordinance to Am'end Section i, of an Ordinance fentitled an Ordinance Relative to Fire Limits and Fires. Tlie Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor Ordain: Section 1. Ttaat section 011e of an ordinance entitled an ordinance, relative to fire limits and fires, be ametided so tliat whenamended sitid section sliall read as follows: Section 1. That it shall not be lawful fot any peison, hereafter, to erect or place any buildinir, or :i ny part of a building, on any lot or part of a lot fronting on Main street between Kingsley and William streets: nor on any lotor part of lot on Huron street, between First street and Fifth avenue; nor on any lot or part of lot fronting on Washington street, between Ashley street ana Fifth avenue; nor on any lot or part of a lot fronting- on Liberty 6treet, between First street and Fiftli avenue; nor on any lot or part of lot fronting on Ann street, between Ashley street and Fifth avenue: nor on any lot or part of lot fronting on Catherine street, between Ashley street and Fifth avenue; nor onany lot or part of a lot fronting on Fourth avenue, between Kingsley and Liberty streetsnor on any lot or part of lot fronting on the west side of Fifth avenue, betwpen Kingslev and Liberty streets; nor on any lot or part o'f lot frontino1 on Ashley street, between Cath erineand William streets; nor on any lot or part of a lot fronting on the weet side of State gtreet, between William and Huron streetsnor on any lot or part. of a lot. frontín on Detroit street, between Fourth avenue and Hepot street, in the City of Ann Arbor, unless such building or part of a building shall be constructcil of stone or brick, wit.h party or fli-ewalls of the same material rising at least ten i nenes above the roof, if the same be eovered with metal or slate, and if covered with wood, then at least two feet. Provided that the (Jommon Council may in lts diseretiou fjrant permission to erect frame dwellings barns and out-houses in and on all that part of the lire district aforesaid, lyina1 north of atherlne street, west of Ashley sti-eet. south of Liberty Rtreet, and on State street, bet wees Liberty and Huroo atreeta. This ordinance shall take effect and be in toree from and after the 26thday of June, 1893. Passed in Common Council the l!lt h day ot June, 1888. Approved June 81, 18Í:. ,„ , „ B. M. THOMPSON. W. 7. Mim.kk, M;iyor City c.'lej-k.


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