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The farmers report excellent erop prospects this year. St. Thomas' parochial school closed for the summer, last Friday. Several of the merchants got out attachments against students this week. Aid. Manly has been selected to secure the right of way for the main sewer. Next Tuesday is July 4 and on that day Justice Bennett assumes the ermine. Charles Nichols has rented the house of George W. Weeks on Maiden Lane. Prof. Perry is mentioned vn connection with the principalship of the State Normal School. James Parker died at nis home in Ann Arbor township, Tuesday. He came to Lodi in 1843. Salyer's bakery wagon was run away with yesterday and the loaves strewn in Main street. Castle Sutherland, of Saginaw, a former resident of this city, died Wednesday in Saginaw. Coroner Clark had strawberries in his garden this season measuring 5}4 inches in circumference. Prof. H. S. Carhart is to be one of the judges in the department of electricity at the World's Fair. Dr. Flemming Carrow delivered the commencement address before the Manistee high school last week. A level-headed merchant of this city, estimates that $50,000 will leave this city for the World's Fair. The flies are very scarce this summer. This has been the case when cholera has prevailed in this country. It is said that Clay Greene will build a public drinking fountain at at the junction of Detroit and Beakes streets. The plan of having the annual farmers' picnic held on the fair grounds in this city is now being agitated. Samuel G. Miller is building a large and very fine residence on the Miller addition. The new house is enclosed. A 75-cent excursión from Ypsilanti to Detroit was given today, which was enjoyed by a number of our'citizens. Walter Dennison, of Ypsilanti, who was born in Saline, has won the Elisha Jones classical fellowship in the University. Schuh & Muehlig have the contract for heating the residence of R. K. Ailes with a Cartón combination air and water furnace. George Webber was tried, Friday, on the charge of stealing refuse lumber, before a jury in Justice Pond's court, and was acquitted. Prof. A. A. Stanley went to Laporte, Ind., yesterday, to read a paper before the Indiana State Music Teacher's Association. Jacob Jedele, of Dexter towship, ex-chairman of the board of supervisors, was married last week at Farmington, to Mrs. Pauline Murray . Two tramps were given their choice between doing a hard bit of work for Louis Rhode or getting a term in jail. They screened Mr. Rhode's coal. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of five per cent and turned over $50,000 to the surplus fund, which is now Si 50,000. The Knights of Pythias lodge has presented Dr. Rose with a $60 diamond signet ring as a memorial of their esteem for their commander of the past three years. A social for the benefit of St. Thomas Music Hall will be held in the old Catholic church this evening. Admission, ten cents. The naval cadets will drill. A little child of M. Staebler, two years and a half old, feil through a skylight in Fred Theurer's harness shop, Tuesday evening, a distance of fourteen feet, and was uninjured. It is a noticeable fact that the students of the University do not take that interest in the exercises of commencement week that the students of former years did. Very few students were present at the interesting class-day exercises of the literary department on Tuesday. Mrs. John Eisele of North Fourth avenue, died Wednesday evening after a long illness. The funeral services will -be held at St. Thomas church at nine o'clock tomorrow. Joseph Gauntlett has been appointed postmaster at Milan. He will prove a most accommodating official, and the public will be pleased with his administration of the duties of the office. Mrs. P. Widenmann and Miss Lydia Stanger have gone to "Widenmann's Grove," at Whitmore Lake. They will furnish rooms and board to people who wish to spend their vacation at this pleasant summer resort. James Russell Dalty, who worked at the Phi Kappa Psi house was arrested yesterday charged with stealing $65 from Chas. B. Smeltzer, a literary student and also for stealing a diamond fraternity pin some time before. August F. Spring, of the Western Bank of Penetauguishene, Ontario, was married to Miss Pauline Marie Huss, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Jacob Schairer, in Lima, Tuesday. The wedding trip was to Niagira Falls. . The Bethlehem Christian Endeavor Society has elected the following officers: President, Miss Barbara Schlecht; vice president, Jacob Rehfuss; cor. secretary, Miss Matilda Neumann; secretary, Miss Lena Hoffstetter; treasurer, Fred Radke. The contract for building the addition to the first ward school has been let to Gates & Armstrong, who will do the carpenter work and painting for #1,686.67, and to Edward Graf, who will do the mason work for $1,144. The excavation for the basement has been finished. Mrs. C. D. Coolidge, nee Miss Sophie Durheim, died at the residence of her mother in this city, Tuesday, of consumption, aged 27 years. She was married two years ago to C. D. Coolidge, of Orange, Mass., which place was her home. She had endeared herself to many friends. At the meeting of the state board of pharmacists at the Star Island House, last Thursday and Friday, Ottmar Eberbach was elected president of the board. The following from Ann Arbor passed the examination as registered pharmacists: C. O. Hill, G. Morris, W. B. Newton, W. Scherer, and G. Wagner. Joseph Blackburn sued William Marquardt, Esq., formerly of this city but now of Mt. Clemens, in Justice Pond's court and the trial was held last Thursday. Blackburn was his own lawyer, so was Marquardt. Blackburn recovered a judgment of $14.80 and $2.90 costs. Marquardt has appealed to the circuit court. Germania Lodge, No. 476, D. O. H., has elected the following officers for the ensuing year: O. B., John Mayer; N. B., Albert W. Sorg; secretary, William Vogel; cor. secretary, John Fischer; treasurer, John Lutz, trustees, Eugene Oesterlin, Charles Vogel, Julius Trojanowski; representatives, John Mayer and George Visel.