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TO - J Why waste time, money and healthvrith "doctors," wonderful "cure-alls," yv V specifica, etc., when I willkciul FltKE the prescription of anewand JEkf -v. positive remedy tor a proniii:, lasllug; cure. Lackof strength, vigor J ' 7 - " aod manbood qulckly reetored myoungoroldmea. I nond tlils preAV"SSÍv 4fes"cr'P"ou FBEK of chnrgf.and ihere is uohumbugor adverusing -Ksatch aboul it. Auy good dniggist or physician can put it up for you, as ■■liayjPieverything Is plaia and simple. Icaunotaffordtoadvertiseaudeiveaway fHI f NJnÍ MlH11'3 splendid remedy uuless you do me the favorof buying a smalt quantityWHHP f rom me direct or advise your friends to do so. But you may do as you picase about thls. You will never reftret having written me, sa this remedy cared me after everyfhinK else had failed. Correspondence strictly confidential, and dl letters sent ia plain, sealed euvelope. Enclose stamp ií con vonient. ddre?s T. C. BARNES, Ke-sra Agent, Box B, ilar-thall, Mich.


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