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Semi-Annual CLEARING SALE Commences Friday, June 24, and Closes Saturday, July 8. THIRTEEN DAYS. Every yard, every article of Spring and Summer Goods marked down to prices which will speedily' cause them to change ownership. It is our tixed policy never to carry over goods from one season into another if prices wil] move them. As a result of this plan we are enabled to show, each season, a fresli stock, the effect of which is not impaired by the presence of by-gone and obsolete styles. This sale will surpass every offering of ours heretofore, both in variety of goods and the low prices at which they will be sold. The following items, which are bnt a few of the many to be offered, will serve as an index of the saving to be made by purchasers during this Sale: WASH GOODS. DRESS GOODS. i o x yds. ioc and i2Jc Ginghams af. 5c. soc A)1 Wool ChaWes, now . 59c I S .o yds. 2SC Scotcli G.nghams at. . . .12c. 25c Half Wool Challies, now 5c i,ooo yds. Toile du Nord Ginghams at . JTOc. I(OOO yds. 5OC Dress Goods now 1,000 yds. le and i5c Satines 10c. $0o yds 35C Dres5 Goods now _ ' i,ooo 2Sc French Satines at 19c. , iot 6sc Wool Dress Goods. now 7c ducecrythÍng WaSh G0d3 ]arge'y llot7ScWool Dress Goods, now 5Sc. - - ■ All Fattern Suits Reduced, SILKS. 32nonw.India. Pdn.ted. .SiUi.! .(we:e .98!) 73C. SHIRT W AISTS. 24-in. Wash Silks (were 75c) now 50c. 5oc Waists, now 37C. 22-in. Printed Silks (were 75c) now. . . .59c. 73c and 75c Waists, now 59c.' 22-in. FancyTrimmingSilk(were$i.25) 98c and "i.oo Waists, now . . . . 79c. ,.nV ;■■■"■■" 9SC' $1.23 and Si.2sWaists now 9Sc. 25c Colored Surans, now 19c. 50c Navy Surahs, now 59c. A" Higheï i riued Waists Proportionally 32-in. Plain Chinas (were 63c) now. ... Jfic Reduced" 32-in. Plain Chinas (were 85c) now. . . . 73c. 500 SHIRT WAISTS IN THIS SALE, All Silks Reduced. ALL THIS SEASON'S STYLES. Parasols, One-Half Off. Fancy Handkerchiefs, One-Fourth Off". Spring Wraps, One-Half Off. Belts, all styles, One-Fourth Oöl All Silk Mjtts, worth 25c, now 13c. 10c Jersey Vests, now 7c. 98c Chamois Gloves, now 69c. All Spring and Summer Goods Reduced. 13 Days of Bargains for Saving people at 2o MAIN ST. One Price, and that the Lowest.


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