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_ I YOUR BREAD - CAN'T BE SOUR IFYOUUSE GILLETT'S MAGIC YEAST HSÜr ! KrER GLTS ECONÓMICA!, i S0UHAsk for "Magie" at your Grocer's. Let him sell bis other kinds to olher people. jARTER'Sj I PltiLS yBI CURE Bick Heaaache ana relieve all the trcrables taci fient to a bilious state oí the system, buoIi aa Dlzziness, Nausea, DrowsineBS, DistreBS after eating Painin the Side, &o. Whilo theirmost remaikable euccese has been showa in cudog , SICK Eeaa&che, yet Carter's Littla Livor Pfflfl ara equally valuablo in ConBtipation, curlng and preventing thisannoyinecomplaint.-while they also correctalldiBordorsofthe s tomacti,etlmulftte tha Jiverand regúlate the bowels. EveniítheyonlJ HËAP lAclistheywonldbealmostpricelesstothogewliO i euífer írom this diatressing oomplaint; but íortuHatelytheirgoodnessdoe3notendíiore,andthosa whooncetrythïmwill flnd theaolittlopülsvalu'íible Ín so many uays that they will not ba wil1ling to do without them. But aftor allsick heatl ACHE flsthe bañe of bo many Uvea that hera !a whera líremakeourgreatboast. Oor pilla cure itwhila ' ethers do BOt. ,. a Carter's Little Liver Pilis ar9 very small and very eaey to take. One or two pilla maka a dose. Théy are Etrictly vegetable aud do not gripe or pnrge, but by their genüa action pisase all who osethem. Invial9at25cents; flvefor$l. Sola by draggiats evexywi.ere, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE THE GREAT BL00D1ND LIYER PURIFIEBJ Buildsyou up to a remarkable power of enduranee without medicine. ■ The iollowing is Lrom oneof our best Chicago institutions, St. Mary's Seminary f or Girls : "wa have iound your ' Moxie' an excellent restoraüve to the weak and debilitated, and ior the benefit of those who read this, we wish to express tbis tact. " Kespectuflly, SEBVITE SISTEK3, MOXIE CURES SICK HEADACHE.; Sold at 25c a bottle generally. l The Chicago Moiie Herce Food Co., , Chicago, m GET A TICKET OF W. F. LODÏÏOLZ 4 and 6 Braadway and you are entitled ton cholee nf the Home instructor or the Life of General Sherman or the Life of P. T. Rarauin (FREE) when eash purchase lo the amount of -ilö ha6 been made. THE HOME INSTRUCTOR. LARGE OCTAVO, 478 PAGES, ILLUSTRATED. A compendium of Ubeful kno-ledge nectssary for thepraeticalusesof everyday life. A complete and perfect (fuide to life in public and private. THE LIFE AND DEEDSOF W. T. SHERMAN. CROWN OCTAVO, 568 PAGES, ILLUSTRA TED. A graphic narrati ve ot' his boyhood and early life, education. career in Florida and California, rnilitary achievements. lite as a citizen, last sickness and death ; with fine stee ptjrtrait. THE LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM, THE WORLD RENOWNED SHOWMAN. CROWy OCTAVO, BW PAGES, ILLÜSTRATED. His early life and strugg-les, bold ventures and brilliant success: his wonderful career, hls wit, genius and eloquence, his life as a Citizen, etc.- to which íf added his famous book, Ttte Art of Muneu Gettino. CHEAP HOMES. AA AAA Acres of the best "J I FarmingLandsin ft I Central Michigan ■■ W 9 %0 w# 0 for sale on easy terms and long time by THE UR LOAN Al'D TITLE CD?AÏÏ OF MT. PLEASANT. MICHIGAN. I f f i; i ; i i m i i i i A Smootb Fence that Will Turn Any Kind of Stock ! The Bestand Cheapest Fence for the Farm. Made in 6izea trom 2i to 58 inches high, either galvanized or painted. Cali and Examine It And you will buy no other. M. STAEBLER, Aun Arbor.


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