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For Constipation Ayer's Pilïs For Dyspepsia Ayer's Pilïs For Biliousness Ayer's Pilis For Sick Headache Ayer's Pilis For Liver Complaint Ayer's Pilïs For Jaundice Ayer's Pilis For Loss of Appetite Ayer's Pilis For Rheumatism Ayer's Pilis For Colds Ayer's Pilis For Fevers Ayer's Pilis Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Maas. Öold by all DrugKists. Every Dose Effective Estáte of Michael Keelan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of At a session of the Probate Court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, íd the city of Ann Arbor, oi Monday, the twelfth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and uinety-three. Present, J. Willard Babbitt, Judge of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Michael Keelan, deceased. On roadingand filins the petition, duly verifled, of John Ross, Executor, praying that he niay be licena d to well the real estáte whereof eaid deceased died aeized: Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the eleventh day of July next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the deviseee, legatees. and heirs at la of said deceased, and all other persons intereeted ia said estáte, are reqiiired to appear at a session of said court, then to be holaen at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not begranted: Anditia fnrther ordered, that said petitioner give notice to the peraons interested in said estate.ot the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, bv causiug a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Ahuob ARGUS, a newsDapcr printtd and circnlatinjr in said county, threesuccessive weeks previous to said day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABBITT, (A truecopy) Judgeol Probate William G. Doty, Probate Register. Estáte of Ernst G. Haarer. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OP ' Washlenaw, ss, At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenav, holden at tlie Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the '4th day ot May, in the yearoDe thousaml eisht hundred and Dinety-tliree, Present, J. Wij lard Babbitt, Jud'ge of Probte, ]n the matter of the estáte of Ernst G. Haarer, deceased. John Jacob Knapp. executor of the last vnll and testament of aid deceased, comes into eourt and representa that he is now prepared torender liis fiual account of such executor. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesiay, the 20th day of June next at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, oeassined for examinine; and allowing such account, and that the devisees, legatees and heirsatlaw of said deceased, and all other persone interepto! in said estáte, are required to apnear at a session of said eourt, then to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, in Shlii County, and show canse, if any there be, why the saio account should not be allowed. And it is further ordered thftt said executor give notice to the persons interested in said estáte ot the pendeocy of said account and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published íd theAíiS Arbor Abgus, anewspaper printed and circulating in said county, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABBITT, (A truecopy) Judge of Probate. William G. Doty. Probate Reaister, F. C. SCOTT, DEALER IN lías, C&W Píate, Malo, Loulsville and Portland Cernen ts, Hair, Buckeye. Mowcrs and Binders and Machine Oils. Ottice and Warerooms in the Finnean Block, Detroit Strekt. EJ.BILBIEJioliÉt Pupil of Sauret. Af ter tliree j ears' study at the "Stern Conservatory," Berlín. Germany, under eminent teachers in Solo, Ensemble, and Theory; also under professors of the "Berlín Hig-h School" is now prepared to take pupils at lus rooms in the Atm Arbor Organ Company's Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sts., -A.3sri -a.i?"3o:r.. EëTernis made known on application. _L3 EEPOET OF THE C0NDITI0N OF THE mt mm m - AT- ANS ARBOR, ÏI1CHIGAX, At the clone of business, May 4, 1S93. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts. $290,8!9?3 Stocks. Ronds and Mortgages,etc. ... 113,240 07 Overdrafts 5,167 57 Due froni banks in reserve citles 34,97561 Due from other banks and bankers, 2,691 "5 Furnitureaud nxtuies 2,000 00 Current expenses and laxes paid 1,799 "S Interest paid 4.012 6" Cbecks and cash items 5,S10 55 Nickel and pennies 278 5S 3old coin 13,76750 Silver coin 1.542 30 rj.S anu National Bank Not. s 13 126 00 Total $4;9,232 11 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in f 50,000 00 Surplus fund 20,000 60 tTndivided proflts 10.!6020 Individual deposits lkS,704 79 Onrtiflcates of dvposit 184.316 32 Savinas deposits 95.20H 00 Due to bao&a and bankers ::7 80 Total $489,232 11 STATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 County of 'Fashtenaw, i BBI, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above namctl bank, do soleninly swear that tlie above statement is true to ihe best of my knowledge and belief, F. II. Bei.ser, Oashier. Subscribpd and sworn to before me this 1 lth day of May, 1S93. H. A. WrMIAMS, Notary Public COKRECT- Attest . 'has. E. Greene, ") Wit. C. Stevens, i-Direetors. Amiïhosk Kkarney, i Piso's Remedy for Catarrh Is the MÊ Beat, Easlot to Fso, and C'heapcst. B Sold by Drugglsta or sent by mail. I ■I Wc. E. T. Hazeltlne, Warren, Pa, ■


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