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Dogs have been killing sheep about Clinton. O. A. Vaugh, of Dexter township, is building a new barn. A new platform has been built for the depot at Dexter. Elton Sanderson is building a new house on section 8, Augusta. The Manchester creamery made 10,000 pounds of butter last month. John Henry Hartbeck died in Freedom, June 26, aged fifty-two years. The salary of the Manchester postmaster has been raised by $1,100. The salary of the postmaster at Ypsilanti has been increased from $2,300 to #2,400. The eight-months-old son of Geo. Burkhardt died in Freedom, June 23, of brain fever. Thos. Wellwood, of Manchester township, had some sheep shears run into his hand, and blood poisoning set in. The Manchester schools had 296 pupils when they closed. The total number of pupils enrolled during the year was 352. The Manchester high school has presented Prof. Essery, the superintendent, and Miss Smith, the preceptress, with silver medals. The subscribers to the Argus who are in arrears are requested to pay their subscription bill now. The money due us is of especial valué to us just now. The Dexter News has a bright idea, as follows: "It is suggested that slates be hung in the vestibules of Dexter churches, whereon the young ladies may register when they enter the church. This will save time and no end of anxiety on the part of many young men of the town who now experience difficulty in locating their charmers on Sunday evenings." Chas. Schoen, of Dexter township, lost a valuable two-year-old colt very mysteriously last week. It was running in the field with otherhorses, some distance from the house. On Friday, Mr. Schoen was counting his horses from a distance, and there was one short. He went to the field and found the colt lying dead beside the fence, evidences pointing to its having been so several days. Not a mark of any kind could be found on its body, but the theory is that it was struck by lightning during a storm early in the week. - -Dexter News. The village of Manchester and Warren E. Kimble have a law suit in the circuit court, the question being whether a certain platform that Kimble built is in an alley belonging to the village or not.


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