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Is Life Worth Living?

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Briggs' Transfer PatteniS enable any lady to do her own stamping at I ■ jnominal cost. Illustrated catalogue and 12 sample patterns mailed to any lady oq I ■ receipt of 10 cents. ■ GJSO. Li. FOX, 23oWoodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 1 1 mwii-iii ■ 11111 iiimn mili i mn THE ELIXIR OF YOUTH! Itlsnot if jonarenot In possession of the ftdl iaculties for enjoying it. We olfer to the public a true aud trusty ïemedy, the ELIXIR OF YOUTH, A positivo spendy, safe and rellalile sclentifl? cot;i ,u;t), nía; ni?.etur-d ouly 'jy tikilleri chemisiv, üiv i iio;;v ripuouoiaGerinanpi.ysician ol world-wule .-.m-i. Vo jiuarauteo :ii:; Elixir to restore the vlüllcy o youiii r.o tliose ?!jo ure su)---::. !.. :a lbo atmses so cortimcKt in this nc. H " -i;-::tiva cure for Bjiorma-irihoa., LvR3 of Pu1 :'. ' i ;ht Erulssionsa.ncluUdP'.ii?ial Weabiií'ss. ■ . ;ubIkIi nniurnit-R. !ml. hiii i.n (lt"i RWiM'íl tt-HÚlillo nials of the wonderful resulta produced by this elixir, vt hiuli we are authunzed 10 ulio-v or appücation ol anyone requirlng such a medicine. BE A MAi AGAEN. We eharge no exhorbitant prioe, nor do we offer you a quack nostrum but a legitímate and scientlflc preparation, wnich will surely do all we claim íor it. The Elixir is pui. up In 4 oz. bottles, and retalla forSl.OO, or 6 for 85.00. This valuable remedy will be found on sale by all leading drucgists. Eaoh druggist haa on file sworn testlmonialsof the wouderful cuiea produced by this Ellxir.aud the propriators confldently refer all in need of It to them. f The Germán Hospital .Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. For Sale by all Druggists. C. EBERBACH Sc SONS, Agenta.


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